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Old 01-24-2010, 04:36 AM
Carl123 Carl123 is offline
I am new at
Join Date: Jan 2010
Posts: 1 - NYC College Consultant

Breimer charged $850 for a single consultation about selecting a college for my daughter and guidance through the admissions process. We were incredulous when he left - no handouts, nothing specific relating to our daughter and... ? His follow-up emails are on display at the above site...

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Old 01-27-2010, 03:51 AM
firewater firewater is offline
Newbie Member
Join Date: Feb 2009
Posts: 8
Gerry Kitching (Pua Europe)

I was going to go training with a pua (pick up artist) really cheap for £25 and £70 for the hotel; I put the money in his bank account.

He would have given me £35 back in London cos he decided it would be cheaper to share a room so I agreed.

However on 11th December Friday I lost my job, so I cancelled, going and said to him you can keep £35 because I told you so late.I gave him my bank detailsÖ and on 18th December he said heís gona put the money in my account.

However I still have no money from him, and he is ignoring my call and texts.

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Old 01-27-2010, 03:54 AM
firewater firewater is offline
Newbie Member
Join Date: Feb 2009
Posts: 8
Denise Taylor (amazingpeople)

Does nothing, coundt even find job I would like.
Didnít make much difference to cv.

She also struggled to help me with gaps on my CV

Says lots of friendly things and her website sounds as if she finds people jobs

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Old 01-27-2010, 04:05 AM
firewater firewater is offline
Newbie Member
Join Date: Feb 2009
Posts: 8
Jobcentre Ė DEA

I have a so called minor disability which doesnít effect me at all home or work wise.

I see a dea which is a waste of time, i.e. psychologist tried to find job I would like didnít work.

So what I am saying is if you disability not serious then avoid dea at all costs it will just waste time getting you a job.

When I use to think about leaving the dea they use to advise against it strongly but im going to leave tomorrow no matter what they say.

Look at the difference.

Stay with dea.

I see a psychologist that can take months
Then I get help to find a placement that will help me with my job
More months.
Then if I donít get the job through placement back to square 1

Without dea
4 week course.
Then graunteed job in the council, yes guaranteed.

2 months in full time employment.

My advice only see a dea if you have a disability that is serious, not minor.

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Old 01-27-2010, 05:38 AM
kansas74 kansas74 is offline
I am new at
Join Date: Jan 2010
Posts: 1
Networking Consulting

This is s telcom auditing company that is just greedy. They are out of Kansas City I got caught into a contract and almost a year later they want to share my savings with them. They would call me everyday. Yes we made changes after they found them but not until I was notified from the phone company that my current contract was expiring. that was 6 months later. If you want to save money on your phone bill just call the phone company yourself.

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Old 01-27-2010, 02:23 PM
anon_girl anon_girl is offline
I am new at
Join Date: Jan 2010
Posts: 1
Beware of Vinnie from Model & Talent Matrix....

THIS GUY IS THE ULTIMATE SCUMBAG. He will not book you a job, unless you have sex with him first.

- He goes by the name: Vinnie Vince. I am not sure if this is his real name, but this is the name he goes by!

- His company name is called: Model & Talent Matrix

- His website is: He also has another website called:

- His phone number is: 480-430-0150

- His e-mail addresses are:

- His MySpace URL is:

He messaged me on MySpace about a month ago, and he told me how I was the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. He said how he wanted me to be his "top girl" and how he will book me every job that I could possibly imagine. He said he would be able to offer me free "modeling casting services." He said he would be able to get me really awesome jobs, even some awesome acting jobs! It would be free of charge and he would not even get a commission out of it. 100% of the money from each job, would go directly to me.

He claimed that the way he makes money is: Every job that he books me, the companies will pay him money. (I forgot what he called it.) He then said if he took a commission, then it would be wrong of him. He claims that agents get paid [on top] of their commission, from the companies that they book their models to. And in the ending result, the agent/casting director gets paid more than the model/actress. I am not sure how true that is, but that is how he lured me in...

So I contacted him via phone and we started to talk modeling.

He told me to get a portfolio consisted of such:

I) At least eight photos of me in bikini
II) At least eight photos of me in two piece lingerie
III) At least eight photos of me in "Clubbing Outfits" - what I wear out to clubs or events
IV) As many other types of photos that I feel that I look my best in.

So this being stated, it seemed like the real deal.

I was searching hard to find a photographer to get my portfolio together. Unfortunately, during the process, almost every day I would get CONSTANT text messages from Vinnie and sometimes he would call, telling me how he wants to be with me, how much he wants to have sex with me, how he can't wait to ravish my body, how much he wishes he could marry me, and so on and so forth. And every time I would tell him: I don't want to have sex with you... He would get mad and say I was "being mean" to him. Minutes later he would, "forgive me" for being "mean" to him... and he would talk about modeling again. The harassing would never stop from him. Everyday he would tell me how he wants to fly me to Arizona to spend a weekend with him, so we could have passionate sex together. He also told me I would be able to go to Chicago to have a romantic weekend with him, and in return, he would reward me with a guaranteed 2, 500 dollar photo shoot with a man named: Andre Napier.

(I do not know if he knows Andre or if he is just lying. It is possible that Vinnie is just one of those guys who says they know someone in the industry, but is lying just to get into girls pants. There are A LOT of horny guys out there who are just looking to have sex with pretty models. They claim they have connections, but they really don't. Beware of these type.)

I told him I would like to go to Chicago to shoot with Andre (and leave the romantic weekend part out and keep it as a business trip) ONLY if he FIRST booked me a paying job out here in California. I wanted to make sure that this guy was the real deal, before I flew to Chicago WITH a man I had never met in person before, especially a man who constantly tells me how much he wants to have sex with me! (Come on girls, you would do the same thing, right? A guy who contacts you via MySpace offers you spectacular high paying jobs, but the only way you could get those jobs, is if you flew out to Arizona to spend the weekend with him and also fly out to Chicago to spend the weekend with him, where you would receive 2, 500 dollars for a photo shoot with an amazing photographer. Wouldn't you be a little bit skeptical? And wouldn't you be more skeptical when you heard him tell you he won't book you, unless you come visit him and have passionate sex with him? Plus, I did not even know that "agents" flew to jobs with you. This was clearly an act of trying to get into my pants. How was I to trust this guy? Especially when everyday he has told me how much he wants to have sex with me!)

All I asked for was ONE booked job out here in California, to prove he is a legit business. I don't think that is much to ask for, especially since he told me in the beginning how extremely marketable I am, and how I would be able to get a job in no time! But Every time I brought up, "Can you book me one paying job out here in California first, before I travel to Arizona or Chicago?" He would always get EXTREMELY frustrated and call me names and tell me how any woman would be HONORED to fly to Chicago and be privileged with a 2, 500 paid photo shoot with Andre Napier. Yes, that is true. Any woman would be honored, but any woman would be stupid to just pack their bags and leave to Chicago, with a horny man from Phoenix, who constantly sexually harasses the girl every day.

...I would report the guy, but I don't have any visual proof. He would mainly leave me text messages and once in a while he would call or leave voice-mails, but the messages are all deleted, because of the number of texts and voice-mails I receive daily. I constantly delete my text messages, because I am always getting new text messages from family and friends. I wonder if AT&T keeps a saved archive of all of your text messages. Does anyone know?

...So to continue on... He kept saying, "It is not even guaranteed to book you a job!" Well no shit sherlock. Nothing is guaranteed, but it's not like I look like a mop. I am beautiful and EXTREMELY photogenic. It would be very easy to book me at least ONE job. He kept repeating the same things he said before... How any girl would be privileged to take a trip to Andre Napier, how I'm passing up a great offer, and he would always call me "mean" for saying I wanted to have one booked job, before I travel to Chicago with him. Yet, all I asked him for was to book me one paying job out here in California. I never said I was passing up the offer to go to Chicago. I said I wanted him to prove he was a legit business, by booking me at least one job out here. Is that so much to ask for? He's supposed to be a casting service. In the beginning he said he would book me all kinds of jobs. So why would it be so hard to book just one job for me, out of the so many potential jobs there supposedly are to book me from? So this simply told me either A) He doesn't have the connections he claims he does. B) He doesn't even submit girls, because he is not a licensed talent/model agency or casting service. C) He is a scam. Or/And... D) He does have the connections, but he simply wants sex before you can get those connections (model jobs). Either way, I smelled a SCUMBAG!

Vinnie: Word of advice... How can you gain anyone's trust if you refuse to submit the models to jobs? You can't expect a woman to "fall for you, " especially when you are vulgar and one of the rudest and scummiest guys out there! If you want your company to be successful, then you cannot expect girls to have sex with you in order to get modeling jobs. Because guess what? That would be prostitution! What a scumbag!!! If you want a girl to have sex with you, then do it the old fashioned way! Take a girl on a date! If you're desperate, then get a hooker. Either way, you should not take advantage of girls in this manner. There should be a law against this kind of thing!

This man is nothing but trouble!!! He is the rudest guy you could ever possibly imagine, and he is EXTREMELY clingy and weird. He told me plenty of times how in love with me he was and how he wanted to marry me and have sex with me and so on. I JUST met this guy online and he's fawning over me as if he has loved me for 10 years! He is creepy and he WILL NOT book any model a job, unless they have sex him first. So watch out for this loser. He will try to get into your pants!!!

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Old 01-27-2010, 09:14 PM
balthasarbal balthasarbal is offline
I am new at
Join Date: Jan 2010
Posts: 2
Tiger Wood

I tried to search a little and found that your people forget the scam of tiger wood.
Well what exactly do you think about tiger wood.

He is receiving treatment at a sex rehabilitation clinic in Mississippi,
Lewis, author of a book titled "America Anonymous: Eight Addicts in Search of a Life" and himself a recovering sex addict, wrote on his personal blog Monday, citing an unnamed source.

Denizet-Lewis says he spent some time at Pine Grove Behavioral Health & Addiction Services in Hattiesburg a few years ago while writing his book and that is where he says Woods is receiving treatment.

Last week, Radar Online and Jackson, Miss., television stations WJTV and WLBT reported through sources that Woods was at the Hattiesburg clinic.

Officials at the clinic have not confirmed that Woods is there, and ESPN independently has not been able to confirm that Woods is at the clinic.

Denizet-Lewis, who has written for the New York Times Magazine and other publications, writes that he spent some time at the clinic a few years ago while working on his book and writes that the programs at the clinic include group therapy sessions and family and couples therapy, so if Woods "and his wife, Elin, are serious about repairing the marriage, she will be spending some time in treatment with Tiger."
buy r4i software

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Old 01-30-2010, 07:54 AM
martin1212 martin1212 is offline
I am new at
Join Date: Jan 2010
Posts: 1
Grodan Sergel Nightclub in Stockholm Scam

I went out to Grodan Sergel Nightclub at Sveavagen in Stockholm with my friends and my girlfriend in January 2010, to have a good time but was in for a big surprise, disappointment and discrimination. We waited and waited for a very long time outside the tape (in the minus 12 degrees weather) and we were right in front of the bouncer (who was a short guy from Turkey or the neighboring countries). It was clearly our turn as there were lots of people behind us. I was wondering how long we would have to wait and why he kept ignoring us, as new people started to show up and if they came from his own country they were allowed in right away with a big smile on his face.

He purposely kept on ignoring us and I wondered why because we were sober and had not done anything bad nor disturbed anyone and in addition, all of us look like very decent and nice people. My girlfriend (from Asia) finally asked how long time it would take before we can get in? He replied in a few minutes. We kept waiting in hope to get in. After 15 minutes passed or so, I asked again, when can we get in? He turned to my friend (from Sweden as well), and asked ďare you drunkĒ in a rude voice. My friend who was totally sober said no. Then he turned to me and asked, ďopen up my jacketĒ, also in a very rude tone. I opened up my jacked for him and he said, you cannot get in because your shirt is not qualified for this club and he turned around right away to pay attention to other people (and avoid me).

I thought that he was joking, but it was for real. My shirt is 3 weeks old and very nice, which definitely qualifies for any club by the way.

So there we were, standing with my Swedish friend and his girlfriend who is also from Asia in the cold having waited for 45 minutes in vain, wondering what in the world is this? I am from Sweden and have lived abroad for over 15 years and been attending many clubs in all over the U.S, Europe and Asia and never once have I experienced such bad treatment, discrimination (racism?) and service. I felt like a cheap crap not being amounted to anything, probably like a black person in the U.S 100 years ago. Is this the way to treat guests at a nightclub in Stockholm or are they trying to increase racism in society or what is going on? I have many questions as of why? I can feel lots of tensions in the environment standing there outside the club and for all tourists and residents in Stockholm, I want to say, donít support, Grodan Sergel Nightclub in Stockholm at Svea vagen. Their behaviors are unacceptable and discriminating. Please tell your friendís if they plan to go out in Stockholm as I am sure there are lots of other much better places than this and warn them about these issues if they ever plan to go there. If you want to have fun and a great experience donít waste your time on this one. The club is a scam and filled with shady people. They definitely ruined our whole night. Why? P.S Now when I hear other stories that people got scammed while using their credit cards there, I am not surprised at all.

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Old 02-03-2010, 10:53 PM
MARKVI MARKVI is offline
Silver Member
Join Date: Feb 2008
Posts: 118
Been Scammed By Gigi Cossar and Bill Starkov?

Anyone encounter Gigi and Bill before?

Gigi Cossar and Bill Starkov have been scamming actors and models for years!

Such companies they have gone under are EAM Casting, Media 1 Entertainment, and MTF Media Talent.

Read more here:

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Old 02-13-2010, 05:32 AM
BUSTER13 BUSTER13 is offline
I am new at
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Posts: 3
Cybernet Media

Has anyone else had dealings with this company selling Pay per Call?
Owned by Chris Mortimer and based in Manchester they have charged for providing goods/service and have not delivered.They are registered by the MOJ and also trade as RBC CLAIMS

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Old 02-15-2010, 10:01 PM
zengine zengine is offline
Join Date: Jan 2010
Posts: 1

Hello I'm Don. Already found a lot of good info on this site. Looking forward to helping out others :-)

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Old 02-24-2010, 02:57 AM
GB24 GB24 is offline
Silver Member
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Last edited by GB24 : 02-24-2010 at 08:33 AM.
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Old 03-01-2010, 09:27 AM
Yeah Well Fine Then's Avatar
Yeah Well Fine Then Yeah Well Fine Then is offline
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*Scratches chin*
Every Saint has a past, every sinner has a future..

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Old 03-02-2010, 08:00 AM
harry2010 harry2010 is offline
I am new at
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first data/chase paymentech/chauncey garcia

I Opened My Account With Chase Paymentech/first Data They Processed All The Credit Crds Payment Recieved From My Account Was Closed By First Data And They Are Holding My $15000 And They Do Not Give Proper Reason Why They Holding So Much Of My Money.i Spoke To There Manager Chauncey Garcia He Is A Big Fraud ,he Said He Will Hold My $15000 For 10 Months.i Am A Small Buisness Man,i Have Already Delivered Goods To Various Customers.i Am Out Of Money.every Time I Call They Give Me Run Around.they Have Given Me Over 30 #s To Call,all I Do Is Leave Messages.first Data And Chase Paymentech Are Complete Fraud Not Open Merchant Account With These Companys.they Can Decide To Cancel Your Account Any Time They Want.hold Your Funds As Long As They Want.beware Of Such Scam Organisations.nys Banking Dept Has Them Under Investegation.

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Old 03-03-2010, 12:44 AM
simon3x3 simon3x3 is offline
I am new at
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Abertay Training Scam

The course I paid for was the A1 Assessor Course. This course was due to start on the 4th of February, the problems started when just over 2 weeks before the course was to start I had no information sent to me about where or when I had to be at the course so I phoned the manager behind the course Paul Horsburgh. He told me that they send information about 10 days before a course starts. A few days later he calls me to say the course is not on and they are looking at dates I think between the 12th and 17th of feb, I said as long as you can get back to me soon as I had the dates booked of and will need to find a member at work to change shift with.

Towards the 12th he had still not got back to me and even if it was the dates between the 12th and 17th I could not get the time off because he had not given me enough time, also no course information was sent through the post and as he had mentioned this would be done about 10 days before a course starts so the dates he had given he had not managed to get a teacher for.

Then I phoned Paul to tell him that I would not be able to attend the course as I would not have the time only to find out that the office number in London is just that, Paul is never there and is in Ireland?. the receptionists constantly tried to put me through but he never picked up so I emailed through your system and he responded saying he would call me back later that day (these emails you have on your system and if not I will send them to you) so I waited and of course he did not phone me back. I phoned the office again and of course again they could not get hold of him so I kept trying all morning until I finally got through. Paul did not apologise for not getting back to me at all and said he understood and he would get a refund out to me, this was around the 8th of feb, by the weekend I had no refund so I phoned again on the 12th and he said the accounts team are dealing with it and they would get to it when they can and that I should have it next week. So today the 18th of feb I check and there is no refund so I phone up to speak with a member of the accounts team only to find out from the receptionist that there is no accounts team and its just Paul that deals with refunds (he lied) also she tells me Paul is away until Monday?.

I now checked my email over the weekend and Paul has emailed me saying that he now needs my bank account info in order to make a refund by BACS, now I made the payment to the course by credit card so this I found strange but I still gave me account info. By the 24th I still had no refund so I phoned Paul again and he says he now needs the email receipt that was sent to me so he can make the refund, now seriously if that was the case then why was this not all mentioned the first time I phoned as he should know all of this, oh and by the way all this time never once an apology.

Anyway I gave him a forwarded email with the sage pay details and guess what itís the 26th and still no email about a refund or any information from Paul Horsburgh surprise surprise.

Now if Paul is the only person that can deal with the courses and the only person that can do refunds it means its impossible to do anything if he is away or will not answer your phone calls not to mention the fact that he will lie to you about a fake accounts team that is dealing with your refund while he is off somewhere and cant be bothered to get back to you.

If you have the money for this course than trust me it is worth paying the little extra to have a course that is actually going to take place and if you need to cancel you will get your money back because you wonít be dealing with a fraudster.

All I wanted was my money back so I can contact a real course provider who will book me in and deliver the course. I will now email him again but I donít think it will make a difference. After that Iím just going to contact Barclaycard and see what they can do.

I have had enough of Paul Horsburgh and His Abertay Training.

Last edited by simon3x3 : 03-03-2010 at 12:46 AM.
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Old 03-06-2010, 08:33 PM
ejpseudo's Avatar
ejpseudo ejpseudo is offline
Question Everything.
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Do not open an email if it is titled Chacha2go. Chacha, the popular question answering service, is what they claimed to be affiliated with. The email detailed a mobile version of the service and gave a link. The link leads to a phone sex site and upon returning to my email days later, I had thousands of spam messages. DELETE this email immediately upon unfortunately receiving it.

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Old 03-10-2010, 12:44 PM
stvnstph stvnstph is offline
I am new at
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Posts: 1
Should have checked it out first!

This is to confirm that gomedicalonl28 is indeed a scam. I got ripped off $150 -- that's before I checked it out on and learned. Luckly, credit cards refund.

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Old 03-12-2010, 03:43 AM
GB24 GB24 is offline
Silver Member
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Credit card Killer

Aren't there some cases to be heard soon about the above company and some clients?

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