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Old 11-03-2006, 06:21 PM
JDCW JDCW is offline
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Dell Computer Warranty Scam

The biggest scam going is with Dell computer warranties. Here's what happens in a hard drive crash, which is common with Dell:

1) They expect you to repair it, following instructions given by someone speaking a different language. :confused:

2) When they finally determine it is not repairable, they come out with a new hard drive, and install it. They walk out carrying your old hard drive, with all of your personal information on it. NO, you can't keep it, and NO, they won't allow you to take it to a data retrieval service, and they ASSURE you none of your data will be compromised. :D (YEAH, RIGHT!)

3) You get to figure out how to reload all of the programs, etc., onto the new hard drive. :eek:

4) If you're smart, you will never again even look at a Dell computer.

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Old 11-06-2006, 11:19 PM
Doe3001 Doe3001 is offline
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Re: Dell Computer Warranty Scam

It seems that all "warranties" and especially " extended warranties" are just a way to collect more money from customers.
Big "legal" companies are nowadays more interested in make quick bucks (huge bucks) rather than stand on their products.They can make billions before customers realize is not worth to buy a particular brand. Then they can sell the company or declare bankrupcy and start a new one.
I decided long time ago not to buy from Dell since I read a lot of complaints at
How to make fun of a scammer

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Old 11-13-2006, 08:11 AM
skepdick skepdick is offline
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Re: Dell Computer Warranty Scam

Stick with Asus man. I had a sweet life with Asus notebooks. Repair is always effortless. And free!
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Old 11-13-2006, 08:20 AM
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Re: Dell Computer Warranty Scam

I had my problems with Dell warranty. It is useless. When I asked to talk to somebody in US, they told me it is impossible. It was also impossible to find somebody who would not read instruction from Windows help file but knew something about computers on his own.

Serves me right for swallowing their "award winning support" hook. Never buy extended warranty on Dell(HP too). They use the same support centers.

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Old 11-13-2006, 11:03 AM
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Re: Dell Computer Warranty Scam

Good thing I have a compacT~

Play free arcade games!
Investment & Advertising Forum!
Free speech,Scams, Ca$h included!
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Old 10-23-2008, 01:39 PM
h2so4 h2so4 is offline
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Re: Dell Computer Warranty Scam

The first poster in this thread paints a rather rosier picture of Dell's warranty scam than they deserve. The procedure of being told in broken English to repair your computer is exactly correct, as is the scenario of replacing a bad hard drive. I used to be Dell's servicer here in Moab, Utah. One of my customers was an older woman with cerebral palsy and crippled hands. She needed a special keyboard to use her computer. When her Dell computer failed, they forced her, over her loud and unmistakable protestations, to try and fix her own computer. When she damaged the motherboard, they voided her warranty. I resigned in protest. Now they have to send someone VERY EXPENSIVELY from Salt Lake City or Grand Junction, Colorado to fix their substandard crud. This customer abuse explains why most Dell calls were to people that were screaming and hopping mad before I ever showed up. Working for Dell and their large co-conspirators was degrading in the extreme. I would rather starve than do business with a criminal organization like Dell, HP/Compaq, eMachines, or any of the big computer companies. There are, no doubt, many local people in your area qualified to repair your computer. Some of them are even out of Junior High School. Patronizing them to build you a new system or upgrade your old one not only helps your local economy, but gets you a machine made with STANDARD parts that can be upgraded for a lot longer period of time. Dell and the other corporate criminals use custom, NON-STANDARD cases, motherboards, and power supplies, and give you an installation of Windows just chock full of commercial slimeware and things no sane person wants or needs. This is a scam to tie you to them for both hardware repairs and software. A custom system, even if it is more expensive, is well worth any trouble you go to get it.

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Old 10-21-2009, 06:31 AM
Tuff2Bluff Tuff2Bluff is offline
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Re: Dell Computer Warranty Scam

Originally Posted by PURE MARKET PROFITS View Post
Good thing I have a compacT~


I hate to break your heart on them, but too are some of the biggest scammers going today. I work for a extremely large and well known company (cannot mention who as they have nothing to do with this scam) but they employ millions of people here in the USA and buy thousands of computer( desktops and laptops) every year. They have had such good luck out of their computers and of the ones that they do have problems out of, I have never had any problems getting them repaired under warranty. So I decided last Christmas to buy one of Hewlett Packard's laptops for my 14 year old daughter for Christmas, after I had bought it, I had wrapped it and put it under the tree.

Then I get online and start reading about the exact computer I had purchased for my daughter and for well over 500 articles where they have had problems with these computer and when they sent them back under warranty, they had been notified about 2-3 days later that HP had discovered that the computer had showed it had been dropped or had water damage and a few other things(excuses) that was considered out of warranty work and that HP was going to charge them to fix it. So I thought to myself that maybe some of these people had abused their computers. Then I started hoping that I wouldn't have the same problem that they had wich was that the screen started flickering and then eventually would stop working all together, which low and behold was the exact same thing my daughters started experiencing about a month ago. So I called HP service up and the guy walked me through remiving the hard drive and re-seating it and powering back up the computer to no avail. Then he goes into this speech that he will send me a box to ship it back that it would have to be sent in for repairs. Then he started in on the "Now if we determine that the computer has been abused, you will have to pay for the repairs". I told him That I opened the computer up and put it on my daughters desk and it has never been off of the desk until I had to call them about the repairs and I know for a fact that it has never been dropped or abused.

So I send it in, then low and behold 2 days after they received it, I get the call from their service department telling me that the computer had been dropped and I would have to pay for the repairs!!! I told them that I had taken pictures of the laptop anad that there wasn't even a scratch on it and I wouldn't be paying for the damages that if I would be paying for anything that it would be a lawyer! The lady then said that she had escallated the matter to her supervisor and I would be getting a call from him in the next 24-48 hours.

At 9:00 am the next morning he called and told me that he had pictures in front of him showing that the computer had water damages and showed rust inside the computer. I then told him that yesterday it had been dropped was the problem and now today it water damage? He said he couldn't fix the computer for free because of the damage which was pure BS and that what he could do was split the cost of the repairs with me. I told him I wasn't going to pay a nickle to have it fixed to ship it back to me because I had bought an extended warranty through Staples and they will either exchange the computer or give me my full purchase price back for the computer and the fact that I would never again buy another HP or Compaq computer and I would go onto you tube, face book, my space, and any other place that I could get the word out to the public not to buy anything from them.

I also told him that if their were any marks on the computer that (because I have picture of me packaging it up without a mark on it) that my lawyer would be getting in touch with HP and I have all the names of the people and numbers that I spoke with, Also that the company I had mentioned earlier that bought 1000's of their computers every year, well, I can guarantee they will never buy another one from them as I am the main purchasing agent for buying all of their computer equipment.

I don't care who I buy from now, but I guarantee it won't be them. So be aware of the HP/Compaq scam of abuse out of normal warranty repair scam they use as well. Just to be safe on your side, DON"T BUY AN HEWLETT PACKARD OR COMPAQ COMPUER!!!


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Old 03-05-2010, 06:28 AM
calix468 calix468 is offline
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Re: Dell Computer Warranty Scam

I also had big problem with Dell warrenty. I was moving from US to india and my warrenty was expiring. I asked dell chat support agent, if it is possible for me to transfer my warrenty to India and he told me yes so I took the warrenty. When actually I ask them to change it they asked me $204 I was upset but still I paid it (for a $502 laptop I paid $313). When I reached india. I had a problem with charger and DC power jack. I talk to support agent and they asked me to got to Lajpat nagar new delhi dell service center. They changed the adpater but for DC jack they asked me to upgrade the warrenty to complete care. I changed that by paying $77. Now When I went back to the same service center they told me I need to pay further Rs17000 or the same technician can do it without going through dell for Rs 4000. I am not whether to upgrade the warrenty or pay the bribe in dell service center. Ultimately one year warrently is costing me more than the laptop price and it is not getting repaired either.
I suggest anyone who is buying dell warrenty in India not to do so otherwise you will end up in wasting money.
Satish Kumar

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Old 10-24-2011, 08:35 AM
carlwars carlwars is offline
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Re: Dell Computer Warranty Scam

Thanks for the provide this information, it's very useful for me. Because I want to buy new laptop for my office and for that I have require some feature and part for office use. And I think it's perfect for my office work.
My Blog

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Old 11-29-2011, 01:29 PM
pcast pcast is offline
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Re: Dell Computer Warranty Scam

Yeah, this is one of the reasons I switched to another computer company. Dell's computers are great, Alienware rocks BUT the warranty issues are crappy! I had my HD crash, sent it back, and was charged over $600 to repair it, because it didn't fall under the "warranty guidelines/policy"... How the heck can you charge someone $600 for repairing a HD? I could have bought 8 new ones for that price!

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