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Old 09-28-2009, 03:46 PM
derf649 derf649 is offline
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Re: Dish Network Scam

I have no problem with the service from Dish, but like everyone else they are trying to rip me off for $275 for a broken receiver. I got my set up and 3 days later the receiver stopped working, so I had them exchange it. When they charged me for the damaged receiver they sid I voided the warranty by opening the case which I did not do. Now they claim I bent the chasis. I have pictures that it was not damaged when I sent it back. I was told they removed the $275 from my bill, but it is still there.

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Old 10-20-2009, 04:06 PM
WebProMD WebProMD is offline
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Dish Network Scam /

While searching for job opportunities I stumbled across a company whose web layout and approach seem very much like the Easy Google Profits and Twitter Profit scams. The company claims to be an affiliate of Dish Network and also claims to be supported by the US Dept of Commerce.

The ad from career builder advertises an at home investment opportunity to advertise for Dish Network. The problem is, when I talked to executives at Dish Network they told me they have never heard of them. The website of the company is:

Twitter Profits (which I fell victim too and that is how I learned of this site) used the same concept. The operators of the site used a proxy server which makes it almost impossible to locate and they charged people monthly fees for things people did not even know they were going to be charged for.

If you have already given this company your credit card information or bank account information, notify your credit card company that you need a "charge back" or your bank that you need to dispute payment. I expect to see this on CNN soon.

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Old 10-23-2009, 05:20 PM
WebProMD WebProMD is offline
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Re: Dish Network Scam / google profit people

Here is an ad which just popped up on my computer from the same people. It is the same format, the same type of page. The address is for a google at home work (similar to google profit scams).

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Old 10-27-2009, 03:12 PM
gracieanne gracieanne is offline
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Re: Dish Network Scam

i was told i could have month to month service (and i am a renter in a one year lease) by a rep at 800 DISHNET who claimed to be a dish network employee and said i was talking to dish network. turns out it was idish, a retailer, who wound up reimbursing the 'processing fee' of 50 dollars after i told them they had committed fraud.
dishnetwork itself told me i did not have a 2 year contract and was on month to month.. so im thinking well thats fine then. later on that night i'm thinking wait a minute, they have already lied a 100 times.. so i call back to check the account again and they then say i am on a 2 year commitment which i signed when they installed the dish.
fortunately, they do not have permission from the landlord, but that won't stop them charging me for the rest of my life i'm sure.

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Old 12-02-2009, 08:31 AM
MoneyStance's Avatar
MoneyStance MoneyStance is offline
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Re: Dish Network Scam /

We just added Dish Profits to our reviews archive at MoneyStance and during our search for independent reviews, we could not find one positive opinion of the program. I think that is a first for us compared to all the other money making opportunities we have been evaluating. Does anyone have anything positive to say about Dish Profits?

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Old 12-02-2009, 10:57 AM
Hopeful Cynic Hopeful Cynic is offline
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Re: Dish Network Scam /

A poster named MGD over at DSL Reports did some impressive digging into this scam. (Link).

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Old 02-05-2010, 07:23 AM
dchristie's Avatar
dchristie dchristie is offline
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Re: Dish Network Scam /

These bastards are worse than the Mafia.

I have a vacation home I decided to hook up to their plan.

The receiver malfunctions about every three months.

So, while you're waiting for one of their service personnel to show up, you have nothing.

And of course, when they come out to install their dish, they will drill holes in your roof.

Good luck if they didn't install it properly and those holes start to leak. Then you have a whole new set of problems on top of dealing with them in the first place.

Plus, when you have severe weather, kiss your reception goodbye.

But, to add insult to injury, they WILL screw you if you have the audacity to cancel.

Refuse submitting to their extortion scheme when you want to get rid of them and they'll hound you forever until you surrender and pay again.

But paying to get them out of your life is the only charge that's worth it.

The Mafia has more scruples.

"The best case against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter"
-- Winston Churchill

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Old 02-26-2010, 07:49 PM
rolfgolf rolfgolf is offline
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My Dish Biz

Anybody has info on My Dish Biz?? I'd like to join.

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Old 02-26-2010, 08:46 PM
mumbles's Avatar
mumbles mumbles is offline
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Re: My Dish Biz

My Dish Biz
Posted: 2009-10-28 by Netprofitathome

They are charging for a free affiliate program

Complaint Rating:
Company information:
My Dish Biz
United States

This company offers the opportunity to be an affiliate with VMC Satellite to sell Dish Network Satellite Systems.

They charge you $35 to join the affiliate program and only pay on your personal sales.

You can join The VMC affiliate program Directly at:

When you join dirctly the program is free and it also pays on 2 levels. You also get paid on sales made by your personally recruited people.

Do not join My Dish Biz, if you are interested in selling Dish Network Satellite systems you can become an affiliate for free with VMC

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Old 05-13-2010, 10:13 AM
fedupwithdish fedupwithdish is offline
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Re: Having problems with DISH Network? Let me Hel

Please advise. My daughter ordered Dish Network and was told that she would have a DVR with her order. She was not home for the installation so the installer had someone else sign a 2 year contract that she was not told she would have. Due to some problems my daughter had to move back in with us. The Dish representative was screaming at my daughter on the phone telling her she had a contract and that she would be obligated to pay the cancellation fee even though she never signed the contract. These people are unbelieveable. I had spoke to them on the phone a couple of months ago about the DVR she was promised and they said she would have to pay them $400 for it. I will cancel ,y substription with them also.

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Old 08-09-2010, 10:31 AM
globearts globearts is offline
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Re: Having problems with DISH Network? Let me Hel

Previous tenant had dish installed, where I did not want it after specifically telling him that.
He's gone, and the roofers are telling me the installation is what has caused the leaks that have now become apparent. Dish Network is telling me that only the tenant came get them to remove it, and since the account is inactive, they say it's my problem. Any ideas??

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Old 09-03-2010, 06:13 PM
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American Satellite San Diego Dish Netwk Aza Olival

American Satellite

1660 Hotel Circle north #101
San Diego California 92108
United States of America
Phone: 866-512-4714
Web Address:

DOES NOT PAY EMPLOYEES! .866-512-4714/review/read?cid=1046555 On Friday May 7, 2010, Owners of American Satellite announced they would be closing their doors and all us employees needed to collect our belongings and leave the building without pay, as they can not afford to pay us. It has now been over a week and select employees have been paid their final wages for 2 weeks of pay, however the majority are still waiting!!!!! It has now been a week almost to the hour and they still cannot give us a straight answer!!!!!!!!!! May 17, 2010 by American Satellite Employee! Re-opened May 10, 2010 New employees, didn't pay old employees

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Old 09-03-2010, 06:26 PM
aza olival aza olival is offline
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Re: American Satellite San Diego Dish Netwk Aza Ol

Owners, Managers and employees set people up. Nothing but a huge Rat's nest
The Company sells Dishnetwork

Todd DiRoberto -informant
Aza Olival - informant
Caleb Wickman - informant
Carlos Prado - informant

1660 Hotel Circle North
San Diego, California

old address
2667 Camino Del Rio South
San Diego, Ca 92108

Owners have employees turn rat. Every employee is a parolee or snitch. I quit there a few months ago.

One owner was serving a long sentence, couldn't handle it and rolled over on his own friends to reduce a sentence.

Company was founded by money obtained by theft from the case below.
Carlos Prado acts as owner and holds licensing for sales.

Who Ran Zandria?
By Don Bauder | Published Thursday, Oct. 16, 2003

Text size: A | A | A
E-mail the Editor

San Diego ó On December 6, 1998, attorney B. Roland Frasier III, who resides in Rancho Santa Fe, was touting his book, Asset Protection for Everyone: Secrets to Legally Safeguarding Your Hard-Earned Money, Home & Business.

"I never really thought about the need for asset protection until I experienced the effects of not having it, " sentimentalized Frasier, writing for "I watched my father and many of his closest friends lose millions of dollars through lawsuits, bad timing, and the relentless pursuit of fees by attorneys." So, claimed Frasier, he launched an "exhaustive search" that led him to "tropical islands, famous tax havens, and all sorts of interesting characters." The result was his book, which is filled with advice on stashing one's loot in secrecy-shrouded offshore tax havens.

But the government is prying into Frasier's offshore adventures, just as it has looked into the dubious activities of his daddy, B. Roland Freasier Jr., also a San Diego County resident. (It is not clear why B. Roland Frasier III dropped the first e from his last name, although Papa Freasier had a malodorous reputation in Virginia before falling in with a foul-smelling crowd in San Diego.)

Early this month, the Securities and Exchange Commission charged that Frasier and another San Diegan, Richard May, orchestrated a fraudulent scheme through which they gained control of Zandria, a once-hot San Diego Internet stock that soared above $6, then collapsed to a tiny fraction of a penny before going bankrupt.

And who ran Zandria? Well, on the same day, the Securities and Exchange Commission also filed a suit for stock market fraud against the company's heads, including Brian Lee and Todd DiRoberto, both of whom had been incarcerated for conspiracy to distribute narcotics. (DiRoberto had earlier failed with a sushi bar on Prospect in La Jolla.)

The securities commission charged that Frasier set up a dummy company named Shesado on the tax haven of Nevis, which with its sister St. Kitts is located in the Lesser Antilles in the eastern Caribbean. Nevis does not recognize monetary judgments by foreign nations -- an ideal place for the scam that the securities commission outlined in its charges.

Using Shesado as his alter ego, Frasier set up other empty corporations in Nevis with names like INET Capital, Jamestown Capital, Internet Investments, and Manitoba Systems. Then he distributed shares of those straw companies to compatriots, including May, who used the shells to conceal their control over Zandria.

In a deal with DiRoberto, Frasier was to receive $300, 000 and seven million shares of free-trading stock in a Zandria predecessor company if he would find a shell company through which Zandria could go public. (Instead of going public in an initial public offering, companies that don't want their dirty laundry aired often merge into an empty shell, and their stock begins trading without the company having to file a tell-all prospectus.)

Predictably, Frasier found a shell owned by a "securities fraud recidivist, " according to the commission. (He is a chap in Utah who earlier spent 14 months in prison for conspiracy, wire, and securities fraud.)

The deal was pulled off. The Zandria predecessor was merged into the shell, and the new company was renamed Zandria. Then, through a daisy chain of sham transactions in Nevis, centered around Shesado, Frasier and his confreres got control of more than 90 percent of Zandria's free-trading stock.

When he agreed to the deal, DiRoberto did not know that Frasier controlled Shesado. "Roland Frasier took advantage of knuckleheads, " says Earl Wong, who earlier sued Zandria and got a court judgment but has never been paid.

After they got control of Zandria's free-trading stock, Frasier and his buddies hired a bunch of telemarketers who peddled Zandria stock to unsuspecting investors, as Frasier and friends merrily unloaded their shares, according to the commission.

I asked the commission's case prosecutor if capital gains taxes were paid on that stock sold out of Nevis straw corporations. She refused to comment.

The securities commission has reached a settlement with Frasier. He has been ordered to pay $456, 000 in penalties and has been barred from participating in penny-stock offerings.

That's not the first payment he has made as a result of this caper. Earlier, San Diego attorney Eric Benink filed a malpractice suit on behalf of Zandria against Frasier and the law firm he then headed, Gage Frasier & Teeple. Benink spelled out the Shesado fraud. The transfer of $300, 000 and seven million shares offshore did not benefit Zandria, according to the suit.

Benink says he provided his findings to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The settlement was confidential, he says. Wong believes Frasier paid $250, 000 to Zandria.

In November of last year, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Internal Revenue Service raided Gage Frasier & Teeple and carted off documents as part of a criminal investigation.

Shortly, Frasier resigned from the firm. It changed its name to Gage, Teeple. Now, it refuses comment.

It's fairly clear what the criminal investigation is about. And the main thrust is almost certainly not Zandria. I have interviewed several people who have talked with the government's criminal investigators. These sources say the feds are looking into whether Frasier helped embattled San Diego eye surgeon Glenn Kawesch evade taxes.

State officials have been trying to get Kawesch barred from the practice of medicine. As those hearings were going forward, Kawesch pleaded guilty last May to evading $4.2 million in federal taxes, greatly through offshore tax havens. The names of the attorneys who helped him set up sham contractual agreements in these havens have not been released.

Kawesch has been cooperating with the federal government. One of his capers, according to the San Diego U.S. attorney's office, went through Nevis. Assisted by an attorney and others, Kawesch drew up a fictitious marketing service agreement between his corporation, Southwest Eye Care, and an entity called Telco, which was supposed to provide marketing assistance to Southwest for a $1 million fee. If the services were not provided, Telco would make a capital investment in Sequoia, Ltd., which was based -- where else? -- in Nevis.

It was all a ruse to permit Southwest to take a $1 million tax deduction for marketing help that was never provided. In effect, Kawesch's income electronically drifted offshore to Nevis and then back to Kawesch, thus slipping past tax collectors' eyes and permitting the surgeon to evade taxes.

People who have been intimately involved in Frasier's activities tell me that federal investigators are eyeing him in the Telco/Sequoia phantasma. Kawesch refuses to talk about the subject with me, referring me to his lawyer, Michael Lipman, who also won't discuss the matter. Federal investigators are not talking.

Frasier and Nevis go way back -- back to his father, in fact. In May of 2000, a bank filed suit in Richmond, Virginia, against the law firm of the elder Freasier and his son. The suit charged that the pair had assisted a person who owed money to the bank to stash his loot in Nevis.

Court records from Virginia also reveal why the senior Freasier left Virginia. In an appellate decision, the court noted that in 1972, a rich woman hired her physician, Alvin Jarrett, to oversee her personal and financial affairs. Jarrett hired Freasier as legal counsel. "Through systematic physical and emotional abuse during the ensuing 14 years, Jarrett and Freasier induced [her] to relinquish to them total control of her day-to-day affairs, " noted the court. "As a result of their fraudulent activities, Jarrett and Freasier were able to divert a substantial portion of [her] assets to themselves and their families" without her consent.

Freasier and son Frasier made their way to San Diego in the late 1980s. Freasier was both a lawyer and an executive for Melvin Lloyd Richards, a convicted stock swindler who dealt with offshore tax havens and has spent several stretches in prison. Frasier represented Richards, too, in at least one matter. According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, during his time at his former law firm, Frasier "purported to specialize in offshore asset protection."

And he wrote a book telling how to shelter assets offshore. Investigators reportedly read it with glee. Neither Frasier nor his attorney returned calls. Freasier could not be reached

Last edited by aza olival : 09-03-2010 at 06:28 PM. Reason: new info
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Old 09-08-2010, 08:57 PM
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Re: American Satellite San Diego Dish Netwk Aza Ol


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Old 10-12-2010, 11:04 PM
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Re: American Satellite San Diego Dish Netwk Aza Ol

I've Already Share My Data to Some other Site But No Response

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Old 11-04-2010, 07:21 AM
hb7 hb7 is offline
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Re: Having problems with DISH Network? Let me Hel

Dish network has continually raised my price, and now that I complain, they tell me that the contract I signed says that they can raise prices at any time. The contract also says my price is 24.99 and my 2nd receiver is 5.00 extra...I would like to start a class action, as I don't think the contract is cant have both items in the contract, a fixed price, and the right to change the price. I was assured of things by the sales person verbally that is not supported by the I don't know what my options are. I was a sucker. I asked them over a month ago to turn off service, they never did, and now they say they can't credit me for the last month even though I faxed it twice to them. They turned off the service themselves after non payment, and still wont even credit me for the days of non service...that is not legal for sure. It's not about the money, it;s the principal. I have already talked with 3 people in conflict resolution and executive offices, who by the way never returned my phone calls after assuring me that I would hear back right away and gave me direct phone numbers, also took over a month to send me a contract copy. I have cancelled, they will charge me a cancellation fee...I want them sued and recover the fee as they broke their contract with me. And what kind of company charges a fee for service agreement, and still charges to come out to fix a problem, not to mention the problems I have had with the service itself...Help,.

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Old 11-08-2010, 02:42 PM
aratrace aratrace is offline
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Re: Having problems with DISH Network? Let me Hel

Thanks for your thread.

Please view my YouTube presentation about the grief I've had with Dish Network and Century Link.

If you have any suggestions of how to best link my YouTube so as to get the most exposure, I sure will appreciate it. Send to

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