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Old 06-27-2009, 04:32 AM
useraaron useraaron is offline
I am new at
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Posts: 1 Franchise Documents Scam

My company purchased the franchise kit from CKQ Enterprises. It turns out to be plagiarized material that I cannot use to franchise my business. There is no phone number on their website. They will not accept returns. This guy has no real business or franchising experience. He plagiarized someone else's materials, which by the way SUCK. His product is nothing more than a bunch of haphazardly assembled documents that anyone can get for free on the internet. Don't waste you time or money with this company.

There is a lot more information on about this guy.

Do your homework before buying from this man and any of his companies.

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Old 06-29-2009, 09:01 AM
Aimee79 Aimee79 is offline
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Email Scams from Frew Group, Inc & Dove Group, Inc

This is the first email I recv'd:

Dear (Insert your name here) ,

Frew Group Inc., online company with world reputation is expanding and looking for new representatives!

We need independent agents who can represent our company in regions.
Agent should receive and process payments from our clients.

It's not a full-time position. You will be busy only 8-11 hours per week. Full-time job can be proposed as soon as official representatives' network starts functioning.

We appreciate serious employees and pay them properly. Total salary depends on your activity. Minimum salary is 2300 USD a month, but if you complete all tasks in time, your salary will rise up to 4500 USD.
NOTE: base salary for full-time employees is several times over.

If you are interested in our proposal and would like to learn more please fill in the form below and send it to:

Name and surname:_____________________
Country: _________________
Preferred call time:______________
Phone: _______________________

Our managers will contact you within 48 hours by e-mail phone.

We have found your resume at This letter confirms that your resume has been duly processed and your skills completely meet our requirements for the Financial Manager vacancy.

Yours faithfully,
Judy May,
Frew Group Inc.

After replying to the above email asking them to prove their legitimacy, I recv'd the following email:

Dear (Insert your name here) ,

After reviewing your resume at we have decided to propose you a FINANCIAL AGENT vacancy.
My name is Chelsea Ambrose and I'm working for Dove Group Inc.
Our company is quite well-known one. It was founded in the USA and deals mainly with the financial services like escrow services for buyers and sellers at online auctions all over the world.
The job we offer is a part-time position with a flexible schedule. You may work only 2-3 hours a day (Monday through Friday).
Our job requirements: Internet access and e-mail.
Successful applicants are offered a probationary period (30 days). Every agent gets training and online support. We judge the employees’ qualification one week prior to the end of their trial period.
NOTE: During the trial period, termination can be recommended by the supervisor.

We are going to pay $2,300 per month during the probationary period + 8% commission from each payment handled successfully. So you ought to be interested in every client! Total income is about $4,500 per month. Also after the first 30 days your base salary will be increased up to $3,000 a month.
NOTE: we can give you some additional hours after the trial period. Or you may even proceed full-time.

If you are interested, please, contact me at for details

(send us a filled form as an attachment).

First name:______________________
Last name:___________________
Country of residence:___________________
Contact phone:_______________
Preferred call time:_______________

Our representatives will reply within 48 hours.

We have found your resume at This letter confirms that your resume has been duly processed and your skills completely meet our requirements for the Financial Manager vacancy.

Chelsea Ambrose

Dove Group Inc.

Each time we reply to a SPAM, we end up getting more SPAMS b/c we are legitimizing our email addresses by replying to it.

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Old 06-29-2009, 02:03 PM
dr poormouth's Avatar
dr poormouth dr poormouth is offline
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Microsoft Outlook: Bogus Update E-Mail

One of the best looking fakes to come along in a whle, I thought. (this is a text copy of the HTML original)
Critical Update
Update for Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express (KB910721)

Brief Description
Microsoft has released an update for Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express. This update is critical and provides you with the latest version of the Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express and offers the highest levels of stability and security.

* To install Update for Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express (KB910721) please visit Microsoft Update Center:
(actual link was different from the printed link , of course)
Quick Details

* File Name: officexp-KB910721-FullFile-ENU.exe
* Version: 1.4
* Date Published: Mon, 29 Jun 2009 14:09:24 -0300
* Language: English
* File Size: 81 KB

System Requirements

* Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000; Windows 98; Windows ME; Windows NT; Windows Server 2003; Windows XP; Windows Vista

* This update applies to the following product: Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express

Contact Us
© 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.Contact Us |Terms of Use |Trademarks |Privacy Statement
(Again, bogus links)
Here's a discussion of the scam on DSLReports

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Old 06-30-2009, 08:21 AM
gigigigi gigigigi is offline
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Scam Hair Extension supplier China is a scam I sent the over 1000USd and did not receive any products.

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Old 07-02-2009, 12:06 PM
MauriceMcLeod MauriceMcLeod is offline
Maurice McLeod Oklahoma Guy
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scam solicitations using chief's name

Tulsa police warning residents of scam solicitations using chief's name

By Associated Press
11:52 AM CDT, July 1, 2009

TULSA, Okla. (AP) — Tulsa police are warning residents of a telephone scam in which the caller uses the name of Police Chief Ron Palmer.

Police say several people have reported phone calls asking for money in Palmer's name but say Palmer hasn't endorsed any organization or given permission to use his name for solicitations.

Officers also warn residents to never give personal information such a credit card numbers or bank account information to unsolicited callers.

It's about the TRUCKS!
Maurice McLeod "Reese"

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Old 07-04-2009, 06:41 PM
proudcanadian proudcanadian is offline
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Posts: 1
Beware of Bloomex flower delivery

If you want to surprise a loved one by a bouquet of flowers, don't be surprised if you get scammed. is a website that collects money and never delivers orders. It looks nice and professional until you give them a credit card. They are not connected to any florist retailer and simply charge your credit card. Beware !

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Old 07-06-2009, 11:14 AM
kkraus9 kkraus9 is offline
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Posts: 1
Gino Liogghio's Tree Service- don't use!!!

We hired this tree service to take down 27 ash trees in Jackson MI on June 15th. It is now July 6 and he still has not finished the job. We have a detailed contract from him and his insurance company who we did check out and now have had to file claims for work not done. He wants the money up front which no one should ever do. We didn't but was suckered into giving him the last payment before finishing. BAD decision on our part. He said he would meet with us and never showed up x 2. He now doesn't answer the phone after over a week of calls. The job was to be done in less than a week and he was to leave the wood, which is a hard,hot burning wood. He took the wood saying we wouldn't like how it would look-too much wood. We told him to leave us a few trees of wood -all this was detailed in signed contract. He didn't. He also broke our oak fence dropping the neighbors tree on our fence and also breaking our pole lights. We have stumps left that were to be ground down 10 " from ground level. He comes across saying he's a God fearing man and has a honest business- but he doesn't. Our elderly neighbor is also being scammed by him. They told me he came over Friday asking for more money to rent a stump grinder. He never came back. Fortunately, they didn't pay him totally and I told them not to fall for his request for all the money until he finishes totally and they are satisfied. PLEASE- don't fall for this scam.

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Old 07-08-2009, 10:32 AM
asmotj's Avatar
asmotj asmotj is offline
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Posts: 368 resortequitymarketing


So I have received a phone call almost every day since the 2nd of July they act all innocent and say how they did not personally call me then they persist in trying to get me to sell my timeshare.

A quick Google search "resort equity marketing scam OR ripoff"
reveals the true nature of this company they charge you $700 to list your timeshare then if it doesn't sell they offer to re-list for free.

Anyone with any internet savvy can list their own property and with my timeshare there is only one legal way to sell it and have the buyer get any benefit from it.

here is an ongoing list of people commenting on this shady company

Resort Equity Marketing to Offer Refunds December 18, 2007

Posted by dconnolly in : Timeshare Resource , trackback In a startling news article released 12/18/07 by the Orlando Sentinal, Resort Equity Marketing, a timeshare resale firm in Altamonte Springs based business, is offering around $50,000.00 in refunds to customers who filed a number of complaints with the Attorney General’s office in Florida. They will also be responsible for paying the legal fees associated with the investigation, which runs the total up to nearly $100,000.00.
The questionable sales tactics involved listing timeshares for sale and offering airline tickets if the timeshare was not sold within 180 days. When the tickets were not delivered, customers got angry and filed the complaints. This type of selling practice has long been red-flagged as a scam in the timeshare resale industry and customers of are normally cautioned to avoid such companies.
While having a good price and proper marketing remain the best way to resell a timeshare, there can never be a guarantee as to when a timeshare will sell nor a specific price in which the timeshare will sell.
Share and Enjoy:

1. Charlie & Jean Brown - February 20, 2008
We, too, were “ripped off” by Resort Equity Marketing. What can we do to get a refund? We tried to stop payment through our credit card company, but to no avail.
2. Jason Dobbins - February 22, 2008
I would contact the Florida Attorney General they would probably have the best means of how the process works to get your money back
3. kim - March 22, 2008
i asked my credit card company to investigate the company which was global timeshare. they recalled my very large fee and then waited for them to reclaim it. needless to say they did not. i am in the process of writing to the attorney general in florida. you can get the paperwork off the website.
4. Jemma Regis - March 25, 2008
it too have been riped off by them they have not returned any of my calls or emails since they took $1182 off me on 27/02/08 if i contact the florida attorney general will i get my money back?
5. Jaiah - May 27, 2008
Ouch! I am so glad I read this page, and the previous 20 message boards discussing this company, because they have been calling me. And I am so not going to do business with them.
6. tom - June 9, 2008
I to was ripped off. They sing you a sweet song but do nothing to sell your property. I never received the tickets or a follow up call once they took my Money. Stay clear!
7. DRDSM - July 11, 2008
8. Barbara Mathews - July 30, 2008
I will tell you that there are not a lot of companies that you can trust when it comes to your timeshare rental/resale… I was about to make a deal with them but resort equity wanted $1800 for their fee…then they dropped it down when I said no…then they dropped it down again…these people are only looking to make a quick buck! I ended up signing up with Interval Property Management and they have been amazing so far! I would steer clear of Resort Equity!
9. David James - August 11, 2008
To Barbara Mathews, since you signed up with Interval Property management. Have you had any luck selling your timeshare? I m still leary about Interval selling my timeshare. They want $800 for advertising. Im not sure how true they are. I heard one compliant about them.
10. clarin - August 22, 2008
On August 22, 2008 Bryan Douglas from Resort equity called me and I was about to do the payment of $788 when I went online and read your comments.
Thank you all.
11. KaRensa - September 17, 2008
Wow! I one of these guys are calling me now. Has anyone had any luck with them?
12. K.E. - October 6, 2008
Thank you all for posting info from your experience! REM has called us numerous times, offering to “rent” our unused time for us to corporations. We were to call them tonight to make the deal. Won’t be accepting. Thank you, thank you, thank you all!! Really.
13. Rick - October 6, 2008
Wait a minute, what about these guys? They want $600 to sell my time share. is this legit? Christ, i just want to get rid of the damn thing, i just got divorced.
14. Lea Ann - October 8, 2008
To Barbara Mathews and David James, how has Interval been working for you? I have been called by REM but noticed that Interval had a better reputation. I am interested in Interval but want to be sure.
15. John Mc! - October 28, 2008
The bottom line here is , the only way to get rid of your timehshare is to sell it yourself. All these companies are looking to make a fast dollar. If they were legit, they would not take money up front, they would collect tthe fees at the time of the sale.
My best advise is to sell it on an auction site (you will lose money but, it will get sold) or go through a real estate (no money up front).
lesson learned, timeshares are not worth the headache!
Good Luck to all !
16. eli - November 3, 2008
i am glad that i have read this website before making a deal with resort equity marketing. i was going to make a deal with them earlier today with a fee $1500 & they were guaranteeing me $26,000.00. thanks for the info. does anyone know of a legit company who can sell my timeshare?
17. Theresa Campbell - November 4, 2008
ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!
My name is theresa campbell and I can tell you 1st hand that Interval Property Management as well as resort Equity marketing lie to you – they both called me and told me that they had conferences and that they NEEDED my property for that weekends expo – Nicole Costa is a scam artist!!! I looked her up and found out she lives somewhere called Maitland – me and my husband plan on visiting her when we are taking a vacation this month!!! Do not listen to them – i spent $752 and got nothing – forewarning to anyone who goes with these companies – its all lies!!!!!!!!
18. Pam - November 6, 2008
I am so happy to have found this information. REM has been bugging me for 2 weeks. Of course, I have been suspicious of all the timeshare resale companies for at least 10 years and have never gone further than to look at their website. I recently disconnected my land line at home and now only use my cell phone. Interesting that REM contacted me only a couple of days after I gave my cell phone number to Interval. I have been an Interval member for many years. I am very curious to know if anyone has had success with Interval Property Management. I didn’t know they did resales. And Rick, I hate to tell you…..I have wanted to sell timeshare weeks for many years….no luck. You are better off spreading the word among friends and coworkers. I have been able to rent frequently enough to pay my maintenance and taxes every year. Good luck!
19. Jose Cruz - November 7, 2008
Hi, my name is Jose Cruz, I am thinking about sell my timeshare. Do anyone now a good company in Houston Tx.
20. barbara Mathews - November 7, 2008
I retract my last statement about interval property management doing the right thing – the rep from the company called me dozens of times per day untill i signed up and then nothing happened – not even a returned phone call – they told me they had an offer and then lied to me – DO NOT SIGN WITH THEM!!! whatever you do – this economy is so bad that i know that no one can afford losing even $5 – much less $600!!!
21. Miriam - November 13, 2008
I am sooooo happy that I did my research because I was going to call REM back tonite to make a deal ! Phew !!! Now I have to make them stop calling me. I wish I knew of a reputable company that would help me get rid of my timeshare.
22. J. Hedford - November 13, 2008
Thank Gopd I found these articles! they are trying to get my mother n’law’s $$ as we speak! But does anyone know of a SAFE way to market timeshares, without having to do it yourself?
23. Meagan - November 13, 2008
I was just called by ‘Patrick’ at Resort Equity Marketing. Sounded fishy from the start so I got the info and did some quick research online. So glad I did. Today they were asking for $1,299 with $200 off if you commit to them by the weekend. If anyone does know of a good timeshare seller let us know! It’s probably safe to assume that anyone calling you at home, whom you’ve never called yourself, asking for money is a dangerous scenario to get into.
24. Beth - November 17, 2008
I was contacted by REM last Thursday. I told them I wanted to research the company before I paid any $. The salesman gave me a song and dance, letting me know there was a lawsuit in 2007 and they were very proud of the fact they paid the settlement. I guess a zebra can’t really change their stripes. I am also looking to offload my timeshare, would appreciate any tips. Thanks for your input.
25. Kajol - December 2, 2008
I am filing with the Florida’s Attorney Generals office about this scam that I signed back in April. Has anyone had any luck from the Attorney Generals office? Oh, please if you can say no just say it and hang up. This company is such a scam!!!
26. Ray - December 4, 2008
Thanks for the info about REM. We received a call from them today.
A good place to get information and to post your timeshare for sale is It is a timeshare users group that I have found helpful.
27. Channing Stewart - December 10, 2008
I just was contacted by REM, a Molly Baccam she wanted 1095.00 to sell my timeshare. She also gave me a song and dance about how they only sell to companies like Nike, Coca-Cola, etc…. that’s why the guarantee to sell in 180 days or less. I am so glad I dedcide to look them up online.I would like to sell it but who can u trust? I read someone state the best way to sell your timeshare is yourself thru an auction, how does that work? If anyone has successfully sold their timeshare I would very interested in knowing how?
28. Andrea in BC - December 11, 2008
Whew … have just been on the phone with REM three times this week – they were very, very pushy making all kinds of excuses as to why I needed to do this RIGHT NOW .. this pressure from the salesperson really gave me great caution – there was one slot left to fill and I had better take advantage of it or I will lose out! He even had the audacity to say “We are business men not salesmen” he was doing the paperwork as we spoke and I didn’t even know there was an up-front fee until he demanded my credit card information. By my experience, this company preys on folks they consider to be vulnerable- foolish as that may be … Well, threats do not make for good sales tactics and I am so, very, very thankful I found this site … and thank you everyone for sharing your experiences! I am definately not sending my $1275.00. Anyone want a vacation in Victoria BC – I have points for sale .. ) Cheers
29. James - December 14, 2008
I was alwo ripped off from this company REM. I was promised the world how my timeshare would be sold very fast for a good profit being shown at all these conventions etc. I was to get 2 plate tickets to any destination if my time share didnt sell. Since I havent been able to use my time share in TN I figured I would sell it and REM has been bothering me non stop so I thought it would be good to let them sell it for me. Well its been 1 yrar and 9 months now, and I keep being told that there could be a buyer around the corner. I have been calling back every 3 months to reneiw it, and if Im a day late, they tell me, Ohh you should of called earlier, now your listing wont be shown for another month, but I will reneiw it for you. I havent had 1 call from them since they got my money. I was also lied to saying that if another company sold my time share, I would get a full refund since they didnt sell it. I have asked for a refund many times and was told that wont happen, to just keep calling ro reneiw my listing. If anyone knows how I can get my refund back, please let me know. I wonder how people can do things like this.
30. Marianne - December 16, 2008
My husband and I were contacted by REM on December 15, 2008 and got a very pushy sales pitch with a highly inflated price for our Bluegreen Vacation Club points. I told the salesperson to call back today (December 16th) after we had time to discuss this. In the meantime we researched the BBB of Central Florida and sites such as this one. Thank goodness for the internet!!!!! When he called back today I told him that we would agree to pay him double the $1295 AFTER he sold our vacation club and he said “That ain’t gonna happen — we not a real estate firm” and hung up on me. What a blessing!!! Please please be careful of these people and research, research, research. If it sounds too good to be true — hang up.
31. Isaac sims - December 26, 2008
Thank you for being there, my wife and I were just talking with Bobbi from REM. All you guys have been saying was told to us. Glad we investigated and found this site.
32. Cristina Martinez - December 30, 2008
A seller representative (Luis Castro) from Resort Equity Marketing (REM) has contact my husband and I several times offering to rent our two rooms deluxe village at a Liki Tiki. He said that the village is in a “hot spot” and that they have pre-qualified clients interested in pay from $2,600 – $2,800 FOR A WEEK. I thought that this is a too good to be true offer, so I start doing my research. All the info about REM I found on the web is negative, many people has been scamed by them. So I am affraid to loose my money. I asked them to write a letter explaining what they said about to refound my $799.00 if they don’t rent the village in 90 days and they reject. All the posts in this forum and many other sites reviewing REM has been very helpful to decide not to pay for that “service”. Thank you to all of you.
Cristina Martinez
33. Karen Furst - January 6, 2009
I got a call from Patrick @ Resort Equity yesterday. He too promised to rent my unused week(s) for as long as I own the timeshare and said, since I own at Orange Lake Country Club in Kissimmee, he could guarentee once this week went into inventory, it would be sold at $30G within 45 days. I told him after he asked for $995 on my credit card, to send me all the contract papers, I would have my cousin, who is a attorney in Tampa, Fl review them and would call him back on Friday morning. He replied: you are not really serious about selling your timeshare, so just enjoy it and hung up. Remember the good old line: TAKE TIME TO SLEEP ON IT AND TELL THEM IF AN ATTORNEY SAYS IT IS A GOOD DEAL, ONLY THEN WILL YOU SIGN! MAKES THE PESTS GO AWAY REAL FAST!
34. Jenny Johnson - January 8, 2009
Thank you so much for this posting, I was just in contact with a Jennifer Johnston (ironic I know) from REM and she is due to call me back in 25 minutes. I am looking to legally and fairly rent my timeshare and they are definitely NOT what I am looking for. Anyone know anybody legit?
35. M G Jackson - January 9, 2009
Please stay away from REM. I am one of too many that have paid tuition for this lesson.
I would be happy to join a class action suit against this type of predatory business.
36. Peter Winberg - January 27, 2009
I’m just confirming what everyone else has already said. REM scammed me out of $1,300 last September, all but guaranteeing me a huge profit. Of course, just like for everyone else, they were full of sh!t. Even AFTER I signed up with REM and gave them my money I was still getting called from their “associates” trying to give me the pitch AGAIN! After they had already scammed me! Now I get calls from numerous other “Management” companies about the same service. At least two calls per week. They all must be the same company. Probably a couple dozen people making a fortune off of honest people. One difference I may have is that REM promised me a $1,000 gift card if they didn’t sell my propoerty (not airline tickets). Unfortunately I found out that the $1,000 gift card is for a website site that sells merchandise that is at least 5 years old and way overpriced. It is sad that so many people make a living off of scamming other people!
37. Gerogee Smith - January 30, 2009
Oh man! I just gave them my credit card number! I feel like a fool. AFTER I gave them my number, I looked on this web site!! I see the Florida Dept. of Agriculture and consumer services says I have three days in which to write a letter and post mark it, in order to cancel. I am definitely going to do that, and hopefully it will work. I had contacted my credit card co. and they said the charge has probably gone through and to get a cancellation number and dispute the charge. So, we’ll see how that goes!
38. Kristin Valenzuela - February 4, 2009
I was contacted a week ago by Betty of REM. She was pushy and told me I needed to “sign up right now”. She called me 2 times a day for 2 days. She asked for $900 to “rent” my timeshare for the current points and then REM would it “within 30-90 days for between $27,000-$30,000! Or we’ll keep marketing it for free!”. With the promise that there were lots of clients waiting for my points, especially with 42+ conventions that had just signed a contract to come to the convention center there. When I explained that I needed to do some research and that I couldn’t afford the $900, she was able to drop it to $399 immediately (with the difference to be paid when it sold). Then I went online and saw this site and at least 10 others reporting them to be a scam. THANK GOODNESS FOR THE INTERNET!!!
39. john from ontario - February 9, 2009
Thanks for all the great comments! we too were just called by a man named andrew who said our timeshare was in a “hot spot” and said we could make a lot of money, we even told him that we might be interested to sell, but we quickly got online and found all of these negative reviews and immediatley told him we were not interested!
these guys are just a scam!!
40. Jones - February 10, 2009
TEXAS – REM called me today 10 FEB 2009, asking for $2500 to sell our timeshare. I am so glad thankful to find these notes on this company. David Sands is ringing our phone off the hook expecting a credit card today. Thank you, thank you, thank you. If it sounds to good to be true… IT USUALLY IS!
41. kathy - February 12, 2009
Feb 12, 2009
I have had a David Sands calling me for 2 weeks wanting me to rent my timeshare thru him. We were to finalize today- thanks for all the reviews- I will be staying away from REM. Anyone know about Villa Trader? Jen Kelly also called me about a rental…how are they getting our names?
Thanks for any info
42. Kathy Daniels - February 18, 2009
Hi – I wish I had read all of this before I listed with REM. It’s clearly my fault for acting quickly. I resisted answering the calls for a long time (several months) but then got laid off in November and decided to return one of the messages. They told me about a big Trade Show that weekend, and I needed to make a decision in 24-48 hours. Since then I’ve gotten calls from some of their other sales folks so I just called to make sure I’m still listed; they said it was an oversight and verified my property is still for sale. I wish I had that fee back! I’m still trying to sell on my own too but would guess I’ll have a hard time getting fees back under their guarantee even if I do!
43. Teresa - March 4, 2009
I also was contacted last week by REM. I have a timeshare at Princeville Kauai. They said they could sell for a profit if I gave them 1399 then came down to 1199. Glad I saw these posting
44. Lisa Moore - March 4, 2009
An agent, Bruce Klein, from REM contacted me about our RCI POINTS package which ironically we were desperately trying to get rid of, saying that for only a one-time, up-front fee of $1,085.00 he could GUARANTEE it be sold in 3 months. He also seemed to plug away in his computer and found that our package we purchased for $13,000 was now worth an amazing $25K! Seeing that our family is going through some financial hard times, this offer seemed heaven-sent,but I wanted to do my research just to cover my bases (if I would have done that before joining RCI, we wouldn’t be in this mess to begin with.) So thank you so much to ALL of you for all of the information you’ve given and if you want to give Bruce Klein a call and tell him what a scumbag he is, please feel free. 800-672-7034 x258 or 321-282-0600
45. Stephen Choy - March 5, 2009
Hi Everyone.
I am so glad to find out this website and this forum about REM..I sent a complaint letter to Office of th Attorney General, Economic Crime Unit in Florida, but they sent me a letter saying that they are unable to provide any assistance in getting my money back. It sounded like the REM Contract made it very tricky that th attorney office couldn’t do anything. I wonder how you guys are getting the refunds back from them. Where else can I go to file a complaint or get help from? Thanks a bunch.
46. Ryan - March 6, 2009
Thanks for all of your stories. I was contacted today by an REM representative. I have come to the conclusion that any company that has anything to do with timeshares must be dishonest. Chris White told us that we could sell our time share for thousands more than we paid for it because companies want them so badly. I asked why they didn’t just buy directly from the timeshare company and was told that it was illegal for corporations to buy unless it was from an owner. Not sure if that is true or not. It all sounded so good and that is what made me suspicious. Chris kept talking about the “guarantee” of selling our property. When I asked about the guarantee he couldn’t really tell me what that entailed. Of course the guarantee didn’t mean giving our money back because the $1599 was used for marketing. He also couldn’t tell me about the $1000 internet shopping spree that they would give if they didn’t sell it in 180 days because they have never not had one sell. Later he said that they had only given out 2 or 3. He also had a good answer as to why I had to decide by 3:00 (they were closing and a convention was starting?). I just wanted to write some of this to vent a little and put another story out there of how nothing good (that I have seen) comes from timeshares. Also 1-800timeshares doesn’t appear to be any better. In their defense they do screw you out of less money. They only take $600 dollars up front to sell it. They leave it listed until is sells. They don’t mention that “listing it” means that it sits on a webpage next the hundreds of others from the same resort, not to mention the thousands of others from other resorts. Thanks for allowing me to share a small portion of my frustration stemming from one of the biggest mistakes of my life-buying a timeshare.
47. Matt - March 16, 2009
Well, they are still at it trying to scam people as of 3/16/09. Same pitch and promises. Thankfully, we did not bite.
48. Chonta - March 20, 2009
Does anyone know how to get your money back from REM??
49. Ma. dee Lourdes Villarreal - March 24, 2009
El dĂ*a de hoy me llamĂł una srita. de nombre Angela LĂłpez representante de Resorte Equity Marketing,tenian todos los datos de mi tiempo compartido y diciendo que si queria rentar los puntos. Me solicitaron autorizara un cargo en mi tarjeta por 900dlls. + imp. total de 1085 dlls.
Hablé a las oficina de mi tiempo compartido para preguntar si los conocen y ellos no saben nada.Al indagar en la web encontre este foro y es de preocupar.
Esto es en MĂ©xico y me asombra que siendo esto de EUA no los detengan.
50. Lauren -sick to my stomach right now! - March 26, 2009
Someone please help me. I haven’t received the contracts yet and they’ve already charged my credit card- I only agreed 2 days ago. Please tell me what to do. My credit card company said that they have to wait until tomorrow to cancel. I called REM and they said it takes 3 days for them to put my credit through. Do you think I will get my money back? Who do I contact at the Attorney Generals Office? Where can I get the info?
51. April - March 26, 2009
They just called us last night….unfortunately my husband gave them are credit card info even after I showed him some of these sites!! UGH!!! Now he finally realizes that he shouldn’t have, but he said they gave him 4 days to cancel….however the number they gave us just keeps saying that the office is only open from 8-5 no matter what time you call. Does anyone have a number to reach them so we can cancel??
52. Lisa Bullock - March 27, 2009
My husband and I have were contacted back in October of 2008 by REM. Saying that they could sell our Bluegreen timeshare in 180 days or less. Promised us $1000.00 gift voucher if it did not sell. Great sells pitch and everything. Well, our180 days will be up on April 21, 2009. I just found out about the 2007 lawsuit that was filed. IS there anyway that we can start a New class action law suit against them? Thanks for the great tips but I am the idot here for believing them. Any advice? Lisa
53. Richard - April 5, 2009
I have used Resort Equity Marketing and 1800 Timeshares both with no result. They made many promises. The only thing that did was take my money. REM promised a $1,000 shopping spree from Elite Shopping Network which seemed to have items that I would be interested. Well since REM did not sale my timeshare I requested my shopping voucher and received a voucher for Nothing but junk! I am extremely frustrated and I was promised a guaranteed sale by both companies. I never had any interest in my timeshare at any time. What a joke. What a waste of time and money!!! Don’t have anything to do with either company.
54. penny chaney - April 14, 2009
Thank you for your website. REM is a scam. They wanted 999.00 from me. I typed in the telephone # 1-800-672-7034 in the address bar on the computer and that was all I needed. I immediately stopped payment on my check at the bank. I have learned my lesson. I was hoping to rent my 4th of July week at the Smokey Mountains in Gatlinburg,TN. They had offered me a good deal, and of course, that should have been my warning sign. Thanks for your site.
55. Eleanor - April 19, 2009
I, too, like many of you paid REM to sell or rent my timeshare. I should have known better than to pay upfront before any selling or renting was done. They recieved my contract on March 18, 2009 and I had to call them to find this out. No follow-up at all from them. I would definitely like to know if it is worthwhile to contact Florida Attorney General’s office.
56. Cathy - May 4, 2009
Well I did read all about the bad stuff with REM and still went ahead and let them screw me. When you are in a bind, you will do just about anything to try to help yourself out. I was in a bind.
Only thing we can do is to make them stick to there contract. Their contract works two ways. We get screw for giving them the money but they have to do there part of the contract. If they do not sell or rent your timeshare in 90 days, then they (at there expense) will continue to advertise your property. If they don’t, then we can sue their asses for breach of contract. But the contract states we have to contact them every 90 days and tell them we have had no offers. That is the catch. If you do not contact them after the 90 days then they assume you sold it or rented it. They will have nothing to do with you again. You have to call them. How do we know if they are really making a effort to sell or rent the property?? One is by way of the Internet site, another they set up a booth in the Conventions, not sure of any others. It is REM that should prove to us they are advertising our properties. So go to the web site and see if you property is listed, go to the Conventions and act like a buyer and see if they tell you about your property. It is a two way street. If they lie to us about the sale they could be lying about the advertising too. This is the only way we are going to get a class action suit against them. We have to prove to the Attorney General Office they breached our contracts. Complaints by the hundreds have to be put in for the attention to be given. It took several thousands of complaints before for the first law suite was pursued by the Attorney Generals office.
Someone post the address to send the complaints. Lets all start filing complaints. It may not seem enough but we have to do something are they will continue screwing the public.
Everybody who got screwed keep calling the 800 numbers at least you are taking there profits away in long distance charges. REM has to pay for the 800 numbers and time you are on them. If any of us can prove they breached our contracts, we can go to the Florida Attorney General’s office and maybe they can do something for all of us.
57. Gail - June 4, 2009
Glad I checked here. I got a call from them today. I will not be calling them back.
58. Ammie - June 9, 2009
I am so mad!! I was contact by them in January 2009. The saleperson told me things that sound like it can help my family out of our financial problem. She guarantee that my timeshare will be sold in 180days or I get my refund back. Also, I have 10days after I received the contract to cancel. I thought what’s the lost, I can get it back in 180days plus a $7000 giftcard. I thought this was a one time life opportunity to save my family. I end up paying $999. A couple of days later, I had bad feelings about it, so I call and cancel within the grace period. The salesperson sound very disappointed and hung up on me. I try calling back she never pick up or called back. So I waited for a about a week and my money did not returned into my checking accounting. Then I filed a dispute with my bank. My bank reverse the $999 back into my account. I thought everything was settled. In May 2009, my bank reverse their charge back and said that I never cancel my contract with REM so they void the dispute. Oh man I was soooo mad, I called and called my bank and they told me they couldn’t do anything. I called REM and they told me that I didn’t cancel within the grace period, so I thought they will return my money, but they needed to do some research. I thought I was going to get my money back, when I called back two days later the same person that talked to me was very disrespectful and said that they cannot return my money because when I filed a dispute they re-enroll me back into the system and that my only option is to continue service with them. They then told me that I won’t be getting my refund and after 180days I get a $1000 online gift certificate.. It’s all a rip-off!!!!! How can I get my money back when they have record that I did cancel within the grace period? Can I file lawsuit for false information? I never signed contract or anything!!!! If you have any information on what I can do to get my money back. Email me at
59. Heather - June 23, 2009
Just got a call from “equity marketing” and decided to do a little research before signing anything….so glad I did. They promised to sell my timeshare within 180 days and the minimum price it would sell for was $19,000 because they sell to big companies like coca-cola and such. I was going to give them $985 to do this and I will not be calling them back after hearing all this, thank you!!
60. Lisa C - July 1, 2009
I listed my Wyndham timeshare points with REI on 4/10/09 at the price of $1595. I have a nice contract and a receipt for what they charged my credit card, and apparently that’s it. It’s now July 1, and I not only have had no offers on my property, but I have subsequently received at the minimum two sepatate phone calls from their marketing department trying to sell me the same contract I already purchased with them!! They apparently had no idea they already had my money to do what they wanted me to pay for again. What’s up with that!?!? Does anybody know if I have any recourse based on this info??
61. Mary Vinson - July 7, 2009
My name is Mary Vinson I listed my time share with REM August 8, 2008 now a year later and I Never received a single phone call towards an offer. Every time I call to make sure it gets renewed I ask why I haven’t gotten a cal and they have lame excuses and snotty remarks . Like we can’t make any one buy yours.
I want my money back any Ideas. In fact I can’t even find the listing on their web site. My time share is with Westgate lakes V in Orlando.
62. Blair Bryant - July 8, 2009
Blair Bryant –July 8,2009 REM has been making promises that sounded to good to be true, when we listened to their sales pitch. When we looked at resale values in Florida the points where selling for pennies compared to what we initially paid for them. REM wanted $899.00 up front. Times are tough and wish we had never saddled ourselves with a time share, that we cannot get rid of.REM was offering $53 to $58,000 for our time share that we paid less than half that amount for in Daytona.

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Getting paid for advertising on vehicle

I've seen websites offering to pay for advertising put all over vehicles. Are there legitimate sites to go to? Or are they all scams?

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Email Marketing

Whether you're looking to send an email newsletter, a high-impact email promotion, an email event invitation, an online survey, or build your email list, discover how Constant Contact can help you get it done.Email Marketing and Online Surveys from Constant Contact make it easy and affordable for you to connect with your customers or members.

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At rest stops - "Need $11 for a Broken hose"

This is the first I have heard of this scam, now two victims (I was one), different states, within the past week:

Man approaches you at a Rest Stop on the highway, may or may not flash a $10 bill, says that he is stuck, has a broken hose, and needs "$11".

Man looked at my license plate, saw that I was from Massachusetts, and claimed he was an out-of-work welder from Agawam.

Touched my heart - until an old friend reported to me today that she has just seen the same thing run yesterday - at a rest stop in Ohio.

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Foreclosure Rescue Scams

The FTC put this up on its web site this week as it announced its crackdown on foreclosure rescue scams. Some interesting description here of what these scams look like:

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Beware of Golden Meds

Should have known better but sent them funds via Western Union, and lo, all of a sudden no one answers the phone or email. Beware!

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Body count hires

I've gotten a couple of hits off some defense contractors for jobs, but they come off like either body count hires, or stockpiling names for any future contracts. Lockheed Martin and Raytheon are the two. Legit or wastes of time?

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Google profits $1.97 CD

Hi,im sure most of you know that this is a scam already Google Profit.Pay only a $1.97 for CD to show you how to make money.

Well i have yet to receive CD three weeks later and in the mean time my pay-pal account has been charged $72.00 from a site and another $60.00 from another site all attributed from buying this one $1.97 cd that i never will receive im sure. Scam,Scam,Scam

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MBBS In Ukraine


Join the world recognized MBBS program in Ukraine.

You can now earn your MBBS degree at an expense less than 30% by doing it in one of the most reputed universities in Ukraine with world class accreditation.
50% Aggregate In Physics, Chemistry & Biology
30% Cheaper
World Class Standards
Medical University Listed With International Medical Education Directory (IMED).
Logovenko Street,
Ukraine - 16600

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Infoserve technologies a big scm in outsourcing

HI all,

I want all you guys to save from one of the biggest cheaters and frauds in this BPO industry for outsourcing project i.e INfoserve tehnologies Mr. Ramesh Rao claims that he is the head of the company assisted by saavan and thier contact numbers are 09051308912, and 09874830601 respectively, .
they will tell you a house as thier office at
DA 11 salt lake city kolkotta and registered office at P-82 dobson howrah.
but its all fakje they even dont have boards for thier so called company.
earlier they will make you to sign up for project and then will start telling new rules they will start harasing your company and at last when you raise your voice they will say that they are no more intrested to work with you. they will not return your money.

also there will provide you with PDC to take you in confidence but that will also bounce

we were having Form filling project and they cheated us they haven't returned our money. they will charge a huge amount as upfront fees and will stop replying you.
guys if you want to saty away from this scam please do consult me i will tell you the truth.I do have thier photos and every evidence with me as they cheat others with different names

Praveen Singh
SS Group of companies

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CentreGold Money Exchanger Scammers!!!!!

If you are thinking about sending Bank Wires using online money exchangers..DON'T USE CENTREGOLD OF CANADA...THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND NEVER SEND IT ANYWHERE!!!!

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