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Old 01-26-2011, 07:07 PM
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Re: It Works marketing...anyone know?

Welcome to internet/MLM/pyramid marketing. Most of the products sold those ways do not work or do not work as advertised. It is all about hype and recruiting and product is just an afterthought.
Unfortunately, you're right about most of these products. If you pay close attention, though, you can spot a scam very easily. For instance, if they make some ridiculous-sounding claim that defies the laws of physics (like the product mentioned in this thread), it's obviously a scam. If they say you can get into the biz for free, then pressure you into buying something, BIG red flag here. Learn to read between the lines and you should be safe.

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Old 01-26-2011, 09:27 PM
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Re: It Works marketing...anyone know?

Originally Posted by pinkamingo View Post
Yes, it really does work! It's not actually losing fat in the same sense of diet and exercise. It detoxes your body so you lose the bad fat cells but you also need to make healthy eating choices and exercise to keep it off. It will help tone which exercise doesn't do. If you do not see results from the wrap, you should check your pH level. The greens will help detox your system and balance your pH level so that the wraps are more effective. It also matters where you put the wrap. Areas that are more muscle, like your thigh, will not show results like your stomach or under your arms for instance. Do not give up!

Sounds like either somebody is poking fun at this, or that you don't know the first thing about how fat cells work.

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Old 02-09-2011, 03:49 AM
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Re: It Works marketing...anyone know?

So I was considering trying this, but I'd like to hear from someone who doesn't sell/distribute/make money at all from this.

Of course the people who sell it will say how wonderful it is. I want to hear from someone who has used it, seen successful results, and doesn't have a financial stake in advertising for this company.

Until then, I'm on the fence.

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Old 02-27-2011, 06:43 AM
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Re: It Works marketing...anyone know?

Originally Posted by MplsGirl View Post
Okay MLM'ers! I want you to tell me in your own words the science behind how these wraps work and what the active ingredients are that help you achieve these "results" you keep referring to.

Also, tell me why pore size would have anything to do with the efficacy of a product. I noticed someone had mentioned that if you didn't get results from the wrap that it could have been due to small pores.

I am a complete skeptic and here to poke holes in what you say, so please don't feed me the same lines that have been handed everyone else.

I'm also curious about all the failed salon owners piping in. If your salon is a failure in business, how does that lend credibility to your sales pitch? To me, if you go from owning a "salon" to selling for an MLM, that speaks volumes. Not in a good way.
Didn't you see that she stated ItWorks is what helped her keep her business going??

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Old 04-03-2011, 03:11 AM
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Re: It Works marketing...anyone know?

Im 34 years old, mother of 3, Realtor. I've fluctuated in my weight as most people do over the years, but for the most part I've stayed between a size 2 to size 4 and 120 lbs. Doesn't sound too bad, right? Well, EVERYBODY has something about their body that they either don't like or would like to improve. For me it was my legs/thighs. Since I've been 18, I avoided shorts or short skirts at all cost. My legs were "lumpy" looking both from water retention, having children, & cellulite. I could exercise, drink water, take water pills, whatever...nothing worked. In 2010, an acquaintance (now a friend) asked me (via Facebook) to have an ItWorks party. I was reluctant for a variety of reasons. #1, time. I had no extra time to invite a bunch of people over to try a product that I had no faith in. When I had spare time, I'd want to spend it with my children or doing something fun....not have some tupperware party. She asked me a few times before I finally said yes. Even so, when the day came, I had wished I hadn't committed. I invited a handful of people over who I thought would humor me and rolled with it. As the host of the party, my "wrap/body applicator" was FREE. I decided I wanted the maximum "experience" so I opted to not remove the wrap in 45 minutes (longer is better, right?). ANYWAY, her presentation was great and she showed product demonstrations that were pretty amazing (Thank you, Lisa Albertson). For example, the Fat Fighter...It says it absorbs up to a stick of butter worth of fat/carbs...but how do you know? She put it into a glass pul of water & oil and we watched as it drew out the fat in balls and pulled it to the bottom. How cool is that???!!!!! By the end of the party, I had checked off numerous items I wanted to try both for myself and others. More examples...The Confianza (now one of my favorite products) is an anti-stress formula. It gives the feeling of a couple glasses or wine or a low dosage Xanax. BUT....its also EXCELLENT for those with ADD/ADHD (How many people do YOU know that could benefit from this NATURAL product. As for me, I know PLENTY!) The Greens are a full 8 servings of fruits & veggies. As for me, I'd much rather take 2 little scoops of powder than trying to achieve the necessary intake on my own (Veggies are at the bottom of my list for fav foods). The Thermofit is another excellent product that boosts your metabolism, gives you ****** and helps you shed pounds WITHOUT raising your heart rate!
Whoops! I got a little off-track. Back to the Body Wraps/Body Applicators....
That night, I put on my fuzzy jammies and went to sleep wearing the wraps. The next morning I woke up, tore them off, tossing them in the trash on the way into the shower, passed by the mirror and had to go back! My legs looked incredible! No more "lumpy"! They were smoother & tighter and looked great!!!!! At the party the night before, I was told it takes a full 3 days to see the full effect. I was so excited! After three days, I decided to do one more wrap to see if they could look even better (How many of us say "well, if this did then...then I wonder..."). I was so surprised and overwhelmed, I called Lisa (my distributor) and told her to SIGN ME UP! I've been an independent distributor...and customer ever since. It Works WORKS

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Old 04-13-2011, 06:59 AM
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Re: It Works marketing...anyone know?

Hello All,
I found this site looking for some answers on how my friends were losing so many inches so quickly with "it works" & if it was safe...

honestly, you weren't much help, so I went to the itworks website and looked up every single ingredient, in the two products that I think I would be interested in, on environmental working groups website: skindeep.

This is what I found:
1) the claim on the "itworks" website that it's active ingredients are all natural is correct...

however this leads to the "sin of omission" that the inactive ingredients leave much to be desired.

2) a slew of parabens and BHT in certain products (ie: Ultimate body wrap and defining gel) come back with very high risk concerns for toxicology... issues with: reproductive and skin toxicity, skin cell death and even cancer are among the KNOWN issues with some of the "inactive" ingredients... and they were not the only culprits. The truth is that these items are in many of our daily products (parabens) and even foods (BHT) and we don't even glance at them... but no wonder there is such a prevalence of cancer and even infertility/hormone issues these days... but what is worse about them in these specific products (and products like this) is that they are MEANT to be infused, and for women, right over a reproductive area.

To say the least, I am disappointed. I gave birth to my 4th & final baby this past year & have been working super hard on a very strict diet and exercise regime these past 2 months w/very slow results, but that is just it... we are such an 'instant gratification' society that we want results right now and are willing to trade in future health and wellness for it.

I am just as much of a culprit, I was looking for instant results, in fact the idea of this product still nags me... perhaps just once... it can't kill me, right? So sad.

So as I wrestle with my own conscience, I recommend that you tread carefully in all you do and NEVER enter into even the simplest of things blindly. ALWAYS be informed.

May God bless you and your family with wisdom & good health.

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Old 04-14-2011, 06:20 PM
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Re: It Works marketing...anyone know?

I know im really late to this discussion but ohh well!
firstly im not here to bag anyone out, im not all for IT WORKS and im not against im giving u a non biased opinion for all the people out there that want an actual answer (I read this thread and it was full of people going on about who they are and what they do bla bla bla) Firstly scientifcally Heres a list of benefits for you- (i will get the ingredients list later)

All natural herbs and botanicals are used to assist the body in doing what it does naturally; tone, tighten and firm - making it perfectly safe to use on a regular basis.

The wrap supports the body’s ability to:
Perform lypolisis – (fat break down.) Lypolisis works on a cellular level to process and metabolise fat.
Decrease inflammation - every major disease has some sort of associated inflammation. To remain healthy the body needs to keep inflammation to a minimum.
Perform microcirculation – the body’s ability to take nutrients into the skin, down to the sub dermal layers to efficiently remove toxins from the cells. Improve microcirculation and you improve the nutrient delivery system to the wrapped area.
Regenerate Skin Tissue – skin rejuvenation happens all the time, adults renew their skin entirely every 28-30 days.
Detoxifiy – helping the body get rid of toxins which in turn supports colon function, liver function, kidney function and keeps the blood system clear and working properly.
Decrease acid in the body. Diseases like cancer do not progress well in an alkaline body.

Okay im expecting everyone to complain about this being a load of bull. We don't want to hear it, im not saying Ive seen all these things happen myself!!
I tried a wrap in november last year and was impressed but not THAT impressed, I became a distributor in March ONLY because that had a special that was too good to refuse.
I personally dont promote wraps as fat or weight loss, I like to promote them IN ADDITION to someone who has a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise as it really works well for these types of clients.
I went on a health kick and started losing weight i then added the wraps which i do about 1 a week and about 12 weeks ive lost 8kgs and in particular about 20cm just on my navel measurement

Its not an unhealthy weight loss its slow but im telling you now no way i could have had those combined results with either

Just exercise/healthy eating
Just wraps.
Its a combination and it helps people transform their lives!!

Its something for clients to really give them a bit of motivation, its easy to tell people to eat healthy or exercise but ACTUALLY DOING IT is another story!! Heaps of my new clients started the wraps and i also support them and have educated them on how to eat healthier and they have joined gyms etc, they wont use the wraps forever but It has help many of them see something that normally they wouldn't see so soon and then give up!

I know im probably rambling but Im trying to get my point across lol.

As far as pyramid or scam goes, NO its not. I am not charged outrages amounts of money for nothing, the only money i spend is for the products i have ordered. The only requirement they have is to order equivalent to 2 boxes of wraps (8 wraps) as a distributor and thats ONLY if you want to receive that months commissions. (im in Australia so not sure if the rules are different here) But essentially you are not made to buy anything if you dont want.
One thing to remember, when it comes down to it as many have said above it doesnt work for everyone like ANYTHING but that doesnt mean its a scam, do you go to a hairdresser with black hair and ask for platinum blonde hair and when it comes out orange you tell everyone you were scammed!! no way
(silly example i know but you get my point)

You have to see it to believe it so some of you may laugh when others have been saying TRY IT, but seriously TRY IT then come back on here and have something to say.

Yes, to be a distributor you need to be savvy at sales and marketing but its just like any business!!! If you think that with anything you just invest a little bit of money and get profits by doing nothing then you are silly!
I have used the wraps as an add on to my Spray Tan Business , my tanning is what i promote and will mention the service of 'body wraps' if they want to know more then they ring me and i explain the process and i never tell them its doing miracles when its not.

I am taking the ingredients to my doctor next time and going to talk to him about them and im happy to report back with an honest result. I like them and i believe they work and most of my clients do to, if they are happy thats all that matters, and Im not completely in it to make money, i dont actually make that much from them but I love to give clients something that is going to help them in any way possible.

Another thing with bad experiences with IT WORKS seems to be bad leadership, my distributor who signed me up is always helping me and gave me so much information and I pass that on the my clients. If you dont have the support how will you know what to do and what to tell people! This whole thread to me was pointless and I feel dumber for giving in and replying to it.

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Old 06-29-2011, 04:42 PM
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Re: It Works marketing...anyone know?

Yea, I showed up at a wrap session and they taped measured me, and then measured me 45 minutes later. They did not measure on the same part of my body. Result was, no results! I ended up with a rash and alot of grease on my chest that took days and many showers to get rid of! Please, you're not going to believe you apply some ointment to your skin and then cover it for 45 minutes to find you are thinner! Do it right, diet, nutrition and exercise! I hope they don't rob to many people before they're shut down!

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Old 06-29-2011, 06:10 PM
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Re: It Works marketing...anyone know?

I haven't tried it yet but I do have a friend that I have seen a BIG difference in.. from the wraps and I will be starting this week, I hear some people take longer to lose the inches.I will keep you posted to my sucess and see if it works for me , cause nothing else is,,LOL 4024lm

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Old 07-29-2011, 04:06 AM
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Re: It Works marketing...anyone know?


same tactic every quack tries "it works! Just buy it and see"

Same tactic the fake "put a pill in your gas tank" crowd used.

Same tactic that Scientology uses.

It's bulldookey.

Tell you what - YOU explain HOW it works. Explain the Science - after all, with all your training and education...[/quote]

I'm neither for or against this product. I'm actually just doing research because a friend of mine tried it and said she lost 3 inches in her waist the first time she used it. She's very interested in eating right and exercising so I was suprised she would try this. I am seeking the same answers as you. What does this to to the cell that decrease the size? However, you do not seem to be informed yourself. So telling people that it is a scam without knowing all of the facts seems wrong to me as well. If you want to make this argument shouldn't you do the research first? You come off sounding like an ignorant jerk who just wants to argue with people.

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Old 08-03-2011, 08:24 AM
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Re: It Works marketing...anyone know?

Originally Posted by karen69 View Post
Hi there,

I recently joined it works marketing as a distributor. I thought i could make some money from home. Does anyone know of this company and have any experience with it? They market the ultimate body applicator as a wrap that will cause inch loss in 45 mins. I have heard many people say it works and it is a big success. However, i have used it twice without any results. So i am disappointed and maybe feeling a bit embarassed that i fell for a lie. How can companies get away with selling products that don't actually work? I don't understand that.
Let me know if anybody has had success with their program of products.
Karen69 canada

hi karen, i had same questions.. thats how i ended up here. i do not yet sell the product, but am thinking about it. this is the information I got when i called and talked to the product coach as suggested in numerous post..

You’ll see measurable results!
• The Ultimate Body Applicator is successful for the majority of users the
very first time it is used.
• The Applicator should not be compared to or confused with diuretic
products that temporarily cause water weight reduction. The Applicator
converts "fat cells" to ******.
• Along with the Applicator, sensible eating habits are recommended for
optimum results.

What if nothing happens….
• Although most begin to see improvements and inch loss after the first
application, some may take up to 3-4 applications to achieve optimal results.
Those who are on medication and/or who have toxic systems (i.e.,
are not regular) may fit in this category. Inch loss is not the only benefit
from the Applicator. It also defines, tightens, tones and firms the skin, and
visibly enhances the body's contours. It also diminishes the appearance of
cellulite and skin slackening. Improves the elasticity, moisturizes and vitalizes
the skin, leaving it smooth and flexible, with a youthful and fresh appearance.

What if I gain inches?
• Don’t be alarmed…this is actually a good thing! The Applicator will
cause the toxins in the body to get stirred up, which will initially cause the
body to bloat and produce an apparent gain in inches. Drinking a large
amount of water within the next couple of days following the use of the
Applicator will allow the body to flush the toxins and many have then seen
a significant inch loss as a result!

With the Ultimate Body Applicator, results are progressive. With each treatment you will be more
pleased with your results. Your skin will look and feel smoother, younger, more toned, and tightened.
A once a week application is recommended for continuous, progressive results and
for ongoing maintenance. The more consistent and diligent you are in applying the Ultimate
Applicators the better the results!
Additional products are available to help the body ** increasing metabolic activity, suppressing
appetites, reducing fat and carbohydrate intake, looking younger and detoxification. Please view
the website that you placed your order with for more information.

also i recieved this as well but this came from the lady i tried the products under.. WHICH ** THE WAY.. I DID LOSE INCHES.. IVE BEEN DOING THEM SINCE NOV 2010 AND I DO 4 A MONTH HAVE LOST 37 INCHES AND 22 LBS.. I ALSO DO THE SUPPLEMENTS.

Well the ingredients on the applicator actually started out as a massage lotion. The lotion was created ** a pharmaceutical company in Mexico. They had been testing the lotion for about six months, when they noticed that people were losing and shrinking right before their eyes. But when they looked at production, they saw that the lotion would be too expensive to produce, so they looked at the applicator instead. The staff of Dr. Garza and Luis Mijares, two leading homeopathic & herb scientific researchers have combined their extensive knowledge to create a system that actually works.
The applicator is a targeted body wrap designed for the abs, back, thighs, and arms.
1. It actually works, clinically researched for 25 years! High percentage of success rate!
2. No messy muds or wrapping, just relax while your fat melts away.
3. Drastic inch loss - tightly focused on your fatty areas!
Sounds too Good To be True? …. The Ingredients for the Body Wrap Applicator

The formula is very synergistic as demonstrated below.
* Stimulate Lipolysis: (the breakdown of fat stored in fat cells which enables free fatty acids to be released into the bloodstream and circulate out of the body)
* Increase Lymphatic Drainage: (movement of lymph flow through the system which allows toxins and waste stored in fat cells to properly exit
* Incite Sanguineous Microcirculation: (passage of blood in the smallest vessels, namely arterioles, capillaries, and venules, which aides in the removal of toxins, inch loss, and further lipolysis)
While the Body Wrap contains a host of botanical and vitamins, the action ingredients are below:
* Aesculus Hippocastanum: A gel formulation that included 3% of the extract was applied topically to the skin around the eye three times daily for nine weeks. The efficacy of the extract to diminish wrinkles was evaluated ** visual scoring based on photo scales. After six weeks, significant decreases in the wrinkle scores at the corners of the eye or in the lower eyelid skin were observed compared with controls. After nine weeks, similar results were obtained. Taken together, our results suggest that an extract of Aesculus Hippocastanum can generate contraction forces in fibroblasts and is a potent anti-aging ingredient.
* Methylsilanol Mannuronate: In vitro studies have shown that Methylsilanol Mannuronate normalizes cellular metabolism, is a tissue regeneratorm, and aids in the reduction of cellulite. This is an organic derivative of seaweed that binds moisture in the epidermis, thus firming and strengthening the skin. It is also known to act as an anti-oxidant to actively prevent the acceleration of premature aging. It is used when a positive effect on the sustaining skin tissue is desired, for reduction and prevention of the effects of coetaneous aging, for destroying free radicals, and for moisturizing.
* Fucus Vesiculosus: Studies have shown that Fucus Vesiculosus speeds up the elimination of toxins from cells and is a natural cellular renewal ingredient. It is derived from the dried Thallus (bulbous root) of Fucus Vesiculosus, a type of seaweed. It is rich in the same vital nutrients, trace elements and amino acids present in human blood plasma, allowing it to penetrate the skin more thoroughly than most other ingredients. It has also been shown to nourish and remineralize the skin. High in silicon, which is believed to keep the skin from wrinkling and sagging, it is used for its anti-inflammatory and revitalizing properties.

How does The Applicator work?
Select herbs provide nutrients that penetrate cell walls and cause the lipids (fatty materials) inside the cells to be released into the lymphatic system. The fat is then circulated naturally and carried out through the normal elimination process of the body, resulting in natural and permanent inch loss (not temporary compression or water loss).
The Applicators don’t work ** making you sweat out water (dehydration or water compression). Again, The Applicators actually help to release fat, not lose water. (Water loss can be dangerous!) We encourage you to DRINK lots of water to ASSIST flushing your body of excess fatty material. All of us have fat cells. It’s the state of these fat cells that counts. They can expand and they can shrink. When you diet or work out, you don’t lose fat cells; you lose the “subcutaneous fat” inside the cell. The Applicator’s natural ingredients help to saturate the wall of the cell and work to release accumulated subcutaneous fat inside the cell (osmosis action). The excess substance liquefied ** the herbs goes through blood circulation to the lymph system to excrete from the body. This is a normal excretion action that cleanses the excessive fatty substance from the body, and the excess material is flushed out through the lymphatic system, your normal elimination processes. Your skin is your largest living and BREATHING organ of your body. Harmful air pollution, smoking, harmful ingredients from lotions, soaps, perfumes, dangerous cleaning chemicals, UV rays, and even the wind assault your body. Harmful chemicals get trapped in our fat cells. It behooves us to clean our body INSIDE and OUT ** using The Applicator Cosmetic System. ** shrinking your fat cells and reducing inches, you benefit from a more toxic-free body.

Is The Applicator Cosmetic System just like all the other “wraps” on the market? No. This is NOT a compression wrap or temporary water loss. Many existing wraps claim they’re for weight loss. But BE CAREFUL. Several wraps are designed to make you sweat off pounds of water only to return with each glass of water you drink afterward. Other wraps are based on compression. You’re wrapped extremely tight with elastic bandages and for long periods of time. These are both temporary and generally, not comfortable to do, nor are they very good for your body.

Does this involve dieting? No dieting is required for inch-loss. However, The Applicator Cosmetic System is the perfect partner for a diet. Losing weight causes the breakdown of fat, releasing more toxins in the soft tissues, frequently resulting in loose, “flab**” looking flesh. The detoxifying and sculpturing wrap will firm and tighten this flesh to show the full benefits of your weight loss.

How many inches will I lose? It depends upon your body type (the proportion of soft fatty tissue to muscle mass) and the amount of loose skin you have. Most people average a 1 to 3 inch loss the first and again the second applicator, and about half as much the following applicators. Many people use applicators for skin tightening and cellulite reduction while others seek the therapeutic benefits of detoxification.

How often can I use The Applicator Cosmetic System? The Applicator is a safe and effective process and you may do it as often as you wish, however you continue losing inches for 72 hours after the applicator. We suggest for maximum inch loss results that a series of applicators, at least 72 hours apart be applied until you reach your desired shape. Some people are happy after just one applicator, others applicate once a month to maintain their results and because it makes the skin so soft and supple.

Is this just a temporary water loss? No. The Applicator is a firming and toning process, which produces results ** detoxifying and contouring flesh. There is very little water loss. You will lose more inches than pounds. Be sure to drink plenty of water.

Will The Applicator help cellulite? As you probably know, cellulite is waterlogged fatty tissue. One of the first things women with this problem report is the loss of many of their fat dimples and ripples within the first few applicators. Results, however, can be seen from the very first application.

How many applicators will I need? That depends on several things: how many inches you wish to lose, the number of inches lost per applicator, how much loose skin you have, your commitment to a weight loss program, etc. To maximize your losses you ideally need to applicate every 72 hours or twice a week until your skin is tight, you have no cellulite and you look great in and OUT of clothes. (i.e. weddings, reunions, photo shoots, etc.).

How much weight will I lose? The Applicator was designed to take off inches rather than pounds.

Who will The Applicator help? The Applicator will help anyone who wants to tone and tighten his/her skin, people with overly dry/rough skin, those with loose skin from weight changes or pregnancy, and men and women who want to look terrific fast! Anyone who wants to look and feel younger!

i know thats a lot of info.. but the lady that gave it to me has a fb page you can search it WRAPPERS ANONYMOUS on facebook.

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Old 08-22-2011, 03:27 PM
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Re: It Works marketing...anyone know?

I tried it as well and didnt see results after the one wrap. i was told every person has a different amount of toxins in their body but that 90% of people who try it see results with one wrap. I decided to try it againn after the 72 hours and with the 2nd wrap i lost 1 inch. I wanted more results so i tried a 3rd wrap~2 more inches lost! I knew that once my body was used to the wrap ingredients that it would only improve with continued use so i tried another. This time i lost 3 inches with the one application! I am very happy with my results but do see how someone might be skeptical after using just the one wrap and not seeing any results. I decided to host a party so my friends could try it as well and 2 of my neighbors both lost 5 inches overnight!! I love the it works body wraps and would highly recommend them to anyone.

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Old 09-14-2011, 12:59 PM
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Re: It Works marketing...anyone know?

Now here is a true Liberal democrat nutcase in action....all corporate structures are built in a pyramid style with a CEO at the top and down to the flunkies (like you) at the bottom....who gets the most money? the guy at the go ahead and work your flunky job and keep whining to your friends and neighbors, but just know they are tired of hearing your excuses and complaints and will giggle at you when your pyramid job lets you go someday.....

most mlm's don't work for most people because most folks want what the top folks have in the first year....almost NO job works like that, so why should any of these home businesses work like that?

Originally Posted by Duck98 View Post
They quack like a duck and they walk like a duck. They're a duck.

When MLMs can make money for their members not by recruiting, not by selling to their downlines but through the action of retial sales - then they won't be quacking anymore.

No they are not - some people have spoken in favor of them FOR PAY. Its called being a shill. I

Now - the owners of the MLM are the oens who make the money - doesnt make it a good deal for those who supply the money to the top. I have failed to notice Buffet giving up his investing and managing for the opportunity to recruit people to sell magic water and magnets. I wonder why not?

Really - why don't you name it?

Oh do go away - stop shilling for the most exploitive lying sacks of excrement around.

If you wish to see how well 97% of people in MLMs do - go to the website and see if you can find the payouts.

The person at the bottom pumps their money to the people at the top.

You can call it elephant-pee if you want - still makes it a bad choice for anyone who can actually see.

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Old 10-25-2011, 12:15 AM
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Re: It Works marketing...anyone know?

I wrapped myself so many times im now anorexic skinny and my doctor is very

This scam works this way... a guy imports this crap from a third world country for almost nothing, he or she then advertises (spams) in newspapers, online etc for suckers, that are usually fairly gullible people, the adverts read something like, 'Work from home', ' Make thousands without leaving your couch', 'no cold calling' etc.

The sucker, is then convinced to buy-in, the more you buy the more you can make, so...the sucker goes out of pocket and uses the BS marketing plan they purchased with their "miracle' product and then trys to flog it off to other suckers.

Pyramid scheme, the importer/head douche makes all the money while the suckers end up with a garage full of useless (i mean crap.

There is no end to these scam businesses, if you have fallen for anything like this...WAKE UP, Avon, Amway, Tuppaware etc wont make you rich, they are all just scams where you spend a lot more time and money than you will ever get back.

There is a very good reason they market this crap to uneducated or foolish people.

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Old 11-24-2011, 11:56 AM
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Re: It Works marketing...anyone know?

Hi all i love It works too, I love it because it is a whole body programe, not just about the wraps it works with your body. If you are a healthy person with No issues of any sort and it does not work then sure complain. If it does not work and you have a weight problem then your body is out of balance, Look at your diet how much exercise you do? What you drink? How much water do you drink? What is in your water? What products do you use on your skin? are you regular? do you have worms ? So many variations to why they may not work for you do not balme the product be honest with yourself and take responsability for your body. If you are healthy and your body is balanced then you will maintain your proper body weight. If not you will be fat or underweight. Do not underestimate your body you body knows what to do to heal you. Oh and as for doctors believe them if you want but ask yourself how many people die from Pharmaceuticals drugs everyday or are pumped full of chmicals that kill you and profess to be good for you wake up doctors are a business too if you are healthy they do not make money. For me i would rather go natural any day the way god made it. Tamper with our bodies and our foods and you have trouble. The itworks products are all natural ingrediants that all work together and from people testamonials they work on all sorts of problems not just your weight you are responsible for your body and if you put shit in it it will be shit. Also how many people do you see spend money on a lotto ticket everyday but will not spend nothing on their health but complain that they are fat or unhealthy stop complaining and do somthing to change it. You have to live in that body for along time. Oh and to the sceptics out their how do you know it does not work have you tried it? Oh to the people that have tried it and it did not work be honest about why it may not have worked for you. Did you use the product long enough and did you combine it with the other products or change your diet as i said it is a whole program to help your body not just one thing by itself. Good luck and Good health.

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Re: It Works marketing...anyone know?

Are you required to recruit people to be part of the team?
Or is it just selling the product only?

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Re: It Works marketing...anyone know?

iamnoguru: have you ever tried a wrap? if so how many?

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Re: It Works marketing...anyone know?

"Decrease inflammation - every major disease has some sort of associated inflammation. To remain healthy the body needs to keep inflammation to a minimum. "

Factually wrong.

Inflammation is the immune system's response to pathogens, irritants (like the skin irritants in the wrap), and damaged cells.

Inflammation is the process via which the healing of cells is kicked off after one of the three happens. So complete bullhocky on "to remain healthy the body needs to keep inflammation to a minimum." Inflammation is the response of a healthy body to one of the three.

Nevermind that there is nothing in the wrap that is anti-inflammitory.

In short its a bunch of unscientific mumbojumbo with no basis in actual science.

Wear a pair of too small dress socks for a day and then take it off and look at your ankle and lower leg, notice how it is smaller than it was when you put the socks on? This is a result of skin compression. Notice that in a couple hours its back to normal? That is the same thing that is happening with these wraps.

The wraps do nothing to rid you of fat, reduce inflammation, remove toxins (unless you sweat because of the wrap) Toxins are only removed by sweat, urine, and feces. Fat is only removed through reduced caloric intake vs calories expended (well, and surgery) and the chemicals in the wrap are more likely to inflame your skin via irritation than reduce any inflammation.

All they do is compress your skin and rely on your gullibility to think that a temporary compression somehow breaks physics to give you other benefits.

You'd get the same results from a pair of one size too small spanks.

Save your money.

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