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Old 02-23-2011, 12:12 PM
Anthony Greene Anthony Greene is offline
I am new at
Join Date: May 2010
Posts: 1
Fletcher Richman thefts through lies and deception

Fletcher Richman - aka Johnathan Carpenter - stole almost $200,000 from us through lies and deceptions. Read the details of what he did to me and countless others over the last 25 years at

He tricked my wife into sending him $50,000 by wire transfer through the phony "business account" of L. Marie Haught in August 2008 in return for gold bullion (WHICH NEVER EXISTED) that was to be brought by Fletcher to our home in 3 weeks during Labor Day weekend. After coming up with an explanation as to why the non-existent gold bullion was not brought to our house, Fletcher Richman then repeatedly tricked me into borrowing money on credit cards and sending it to him (with his various false reasons why it was urgently needed by him for "important" meetings in various states) "for just a few weeks" until Dec. 2008 when he claimed he would finally have access to his multi-million dollar "trust fund". He promised that not only would he return my wife's money ("I will repay your wife . . . that is for certain") and my money, but he would share his inheritance "trust fund" with me in gratitude for having assisted him in traveling to various November 2008 meetings in the western states. I have the original emails in which he promised to return this money that I borrowed for him from cash advances on credit cards. He promised verbally and in writing that the money would be returned from his "trust fund" (WHICH NEVER EXISTED). To this day (February 23, 2011) he has never returned one dollar to us.

On February 14, 2011 at 9:50 AM CST Fletcher Richman called me from Linda Marie Haught's land line phone in her home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He left a voice mail message claiming that he was already in my area (1320 miles away) - another lie!

He claimed that he was going to be in my area with Warren and the "attorney for Tudorgram" (there is none) all this week. He claimed that he and his attorney wanted to meet with me to engage in "arbitration and mediation" (implying that he would pay me back the $187,542.48 that he had repeatedly promised to return to me). He asked me to call him back on his cell phone, which I did within 40 minutes. I left him a voice mail message stating that I was returning his call as he had requested. I called repeatedly over the last 3 days, and only got his "Merry Christmas" voice mail message!

Fletcher left this voice mail message to create the illusion that he is actually going to do something constructive in regards to the money that he stole from me. This thief has stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from just 2 of the many individuals he has defrauded. Yet he had the audacity to post on an Internet site (using the name "Warren Angel") - the very next day, February 15, 2011 - an attack upon his robbery victims, (which includes me) calling them "a small group of discordant and evil individuals". A perfect example of exactly how two-faced Fletcher Richman actually is and that anything and everything he says cannot be trusted for a second.

This is typical for him. He will steal from people who make the horrific mistake of believing that Fletcher's word and his promises can be trusted. Then after the robbery victims are financially devastated, he attacks them as "evil" for complaining that they've been robbed! There are no words to describe how outrageous this is, and there are no words to describe Fletcher Richman!

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Old 02-23-2011, 05:36 PM
mumbles's Avatar
mumbles mumbles is offline
Most Valued Gold Member
Join Date: Jul 2006
Posts: 7,803
Identity Theft

yes, that's correct, my name is X, please send me a credit card.

(Reuters) - The youngest daughter of slain civil rights leader Malcolm X faced extradition proceedings on Tuesday in North Carolina on charges she stole $55,000 and the identity of the widow of her father's friend and bodyguard.

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Old 02-27-2011, 09:39 AM
lasagna lasagna is offline
Join Date: Feb 2011
Posts: 1
YEXT interent listing provider is a total SCAM

YEXT company it’s a completely SCAM.
They are all over the internet with bad and negative reviews. Unfortunately I didn’t check before I signed up their contract and agree to use their service.
Practically it’s one of those companies that promise to increase your business volume by promote your company and send customer contacts, yeap, those one called “leads” (if you own a small business, you know what I’m talking about it).

An agent that works for YEXT does random cold-calls, obviously to business phones promoting YEXT advertisement service. The agent on the phone is someone that earns commission upon sells for YEXT.
As in these days the economy makes every business slow, invest in some advertisement is always good, right?
The agent will tell you that they have a flat rate monthly special of $200 and the result is %100 guarantee or you get your money back.. Yeap, BULL-S..T!
The “leads” (customer contacts) they sent you are all FAKES.
Are all BULL-S..T… All the numbers are from random people that never looked for you.

I own a small company that offer home-services. When I was getting a new “lead” (contact numbers of possible customers) from YEXT, I promptly call back hoping was a client but instead I always got the same answer which was: No one ever tried to contact or been interested in any of home-services.. I kindly gave my apologize and wait for another stupid (fake) “lead” from YEXT.

Actually, and it sound very suspicions, I have to say that all those numbers I was calling back were directed me to another company that same as me were expecting to get a call from a customer.
I called this: “crossfire” companies calls ;-)
Yeap, seems like that YEXT, make its own customer call each other but in reality, there are not real customers…
A pure SCAM!!!!!

Back from the YEXT agent that contacted your business phone.
If you accept to give a try, they will send you (via e-mail or fax) a contract that you must sign and send back... At that point you are stuck with the payment and there is not way to get your money back.
The contract are few pages that no one has the time to read but in short, it is written so well that no even my Credit Card was able to cancel the charge against YEXT.
If you ghet a cold-call from an agent that works for YEXT, tell: F..K YOU ASSH..E!


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Old 02-27-2011, 02:42 PM
derekg12456 derekg12456 is offline
I am new at
Join Date: Feb 2011
Posts: 1
Sprint Contract SCAM

Well, I just wanted to start by saying, I hated sprint but now I will do my best to get my story out and hope it helps at least someone.

I was a long time sprint user, somewhere around 2005, maybe before then. I was promoted at work and was given a phone so I let my wife us my sprint. She had access to pay for the phone. Around 2007 she called in for something. Note, I was out of contract at this point. Well, she made some type of change which created a new contract. When I found out I was pissed. I called and complained and complained, of course, this got me no where. Well in 2010, now out of contract, she called with the intent of cancelling the account. Since she is not the account holder, I assumed the would have to talk to me. NOT AT ALL. She was told that instead of cancelling they would give her a $10.00 per month credit if she stayed and was not told about a new contract. Well again, here we are about to cancel the account, Feb, 2011 and guess what.......we are in contract again. I COULDN'T BELIEVE WHAT I WAS HEARING. So, I peacefully denied acknowledgement of a contract and ask for a manager. BOOM, she hangs up on me. Weird huh? So I call back, talk to Mario, he couldnt help me stating there is nothing he could do to cancel the early termination fee. WE NEVER AGREED TO RENEW, WHY SHOULD I PAY. So, I speak to a manager, julio or something. We go back and forth until I get so upset I just figure it would cost more to take them to court. He stated that he would drop the contract fee but would take back the $10./mo credit we were given for 11 months. These guys know how to push people around, I mean how can you fight this kind of company. Finally I get tired of yelling at this guy and I agree to a lower termination fee of $50.00 and I hung up.



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Old 03-03-2011, 05:37 PM
antiscamma antiscamma is offline
I am new at
Join Date: Mar 2011
Posts: 3
Confessions of a con artist

How is it that people in high places and professional positions in their chosen careers can be tricked?
Fred Brito is one of the worlds most infamous con artists that got caught out.

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Old 03-08-2011, 08:50 AM
dgalleman dgalleman is offline
I am new at
Join Date: Mar 2011
Location: Duson, LA
Posts: 1
Mail two letters & make $15,000

Received two letters with only the names and adresses changed. Scam to the highest degree.

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Old 03-14-2011, 10:19 AM
dany101010 dany101010 is offline
I am new at
Join Date: Mar 2011
Posts: 1
usps label scam donovan icq 311650599

i dont know why FBI services is watching porn or what some ukrainian guy scamming and stealing items by byying from usa credit cards from usa online shops and ships to russia for 12 years already

he stole already for millions of usd and usa authorities is playing with their dick

this guy icq 311650599
his web money #Z106811813579
he lives in ukraine

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Old 03-14-2011, 03:23 PM
CharlotteH213 CharlotteH213 is offline
I am new at
Join Date: Mar 2011
Posts: 1
John Payne AKA Wayne Meyers/Archie Brown, etc.

JOHN PAYNE AKA’s John Paynes Payne John, Wayne Meyers the name Archie Brown also comes up. This man is one of the slimiest men I have ever came across in my life. I do not say that about a lot of people. He is a convicted con that preys on vulnerable women. He conned one victim that I know of out of $147,000.00 she did not have to spend. She borrowed it to help this man with a sob story on several fronts including he needed the money to help a sick relative. This is a brown/black man that is about 6’1 200 lbs. He claims on sites that he is well off and wants to share it with the right person and then takes you for a ride. Again, my highest rating on the scum bag meter. Also claims to be a Christian on dating sites. This is how Christianity gets a bad name! If you know this man and have information about him contact me at: or

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Old 03-16-2011, 07:26 PM
DDF DDF is offline
I am new at
Join Date: Mar 2011
Posts: 1
Gary Spatz The Playground Review Scam

Gary Spatz I was almosted scamed by this company. Luckily I did alot of research and found all kinds of stuff on this company. Here are just a few of the links I have found. They have now changed the name again to the "Playground Los Angeles" so unsuspecting parents wont find the truth. I hope this helps!

INSIDE EDITION's Hidden Camera Investigation into a Child Acting School. YOU MUST WATCH THIS BEFORE YOU SPEND $$$ Link below.

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Old 03-18-2011, 05:59 AM
Steve Rogers Steve Rogers is offline
I am new at
Join Date: Mar 2011
Posts: 1
Corporate Research- Ballatrix Media ripoff

Do not get sucked into this company with the FAKE checks they send you to do mystery shopping. The checks are fradulant and you end up paying the $3996 PLUS bank fees, plus what you are out in the moneygrams you send them. BEWARE!!!

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Old 03-19-2011, 05:06 AM
mynameis1234 mynameis1234 is offline
I am new at
Join Date: Mar 2011
Posts: 1
curious- online fraud


My first post so I'll get straight into it.

I always hear stories about people's credit card details getting stolen and being used to make illegal online purchases with it. So freightening!

Could you tell me, what is the pattern in Australia with this?
example, is there certain online merchants scammers check the validity of these cards?

Is there a 'formula' they use to choose the merchants to do fraud or is it random or even based on the card holder spending pattern- why this seems like it needs much more data? It seems more work to choose at random since online merchants aren't just listed everywhere.

Also, do they plan the fraud over time intervals since I can imagine that they will have lots of stolen card details, so how do they choose when to test and clean the accounts? what intervals do they re-use a card?

I would appreiate any input to get an idea of how the scammers systematically work/ think to make my mind up of how to protect myself online.


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Old 03-21-2011, 05:16 AM
DavidD DavidD is offline
I am new at
Join Date: Mar 2011
Posts: 1
Village Green at Arlington Club Has Shady Manager

David Diehl the manager of the awful apartment building that specifically has been getting alot of complaints because the manager is rude incompetent and acts like he doesn't care.This scumbag is a Shady dishonest pathetic person. This loser posts fake lies about companies he has never does business with. I wrote about my past bad experience i had with the horrible company he runs. Which I have every right to do and it all took place. David Diehl manager went online and wrote negative things about my company and its is all his opinion with little to no research of the site.This is the type of person you are. what a pathetic low small attempt.This company will be notified what there workers and employees are doing on company hrs and to bring another bad reputation to the company no you gotta get yourself fired. david diehl is a liar, bad person loser

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Old 03-22-2011, 06:39 AM
SilverBullet3G SilverBullet3G is offline
Newbie Member
Join Date: Jan 2011
Posts: 5 phone scam

Has anyone fell for the old phone scam? Ive seen their ad on TV and went to their site and wanted to see what they would pay me for my iphone 3GS 32GB and was quoted at $146.00 plus $10.00 bonus, so decided to follow through. They sent me prepaid envelope to send it which I did. Two weeks went by and no word, so emailed them and they said they hadnt received the phone yet. Two days later I receive email saying they received phone and it was being processed and checked out. Ten days went by and no word so emailed them yesterday and got email today stating the phone I sent was inoperable and therefore worthless. What a total ripoff. The phone I sent was 100% operable as it was my primary AND only phone up until I just got an iphone4 last month. I filed an official complaint against them with the Better Business Bureau and Ive read multiple complaints on their site about dissatisfied customers. I know I wont get my money or my phone back but this is such B.S.

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Old 03-23-2011, 02:11 PM
Magi35 Magi35 is offline
I am new at
Join Date: Mar 2011
Posts: 1 Scam

For all of you backgammon enthusiasts. Do not deposit your money on this game site. This site is a criminal organization that is interested only on stealing your money. I have recorded over 5000 dice rolls on this site playing more than 500 opponents. I sent these results to the same random generator expert that they state certifies their site. I found that this expert ran some tests on their random generator over 6 years ago. After reviewing my 5000 dice rolls on he came to the conclusion that the rolls do not seem to be random at all, instead they follow a pattern calculated to make sure that I could not win. Some of the patterns he noted as follows:
1. A ratio of 3 to 1 against me in rolling doubles. This means that for every double I receive, my opponent will get 3
On a honest random generator the ratio should be at MOST 1.1 to 1
2. A 15.8% discrepancy of the total sum of die cast. This means that, say in a game I rolled a total number of the dice to be 100 points, my opponents would receive rolls that total 115 or more. On an honest gaming site it should be no higher than 1.5 %. Stay tuned for more info in the near future.
In the meantime do not play on

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Old 03-23-2011, 04:12 PM
Briguy Briguy is offline
Newbie Member
Join Date: Mar 2011
Posts: 6 is a SCAM!

If you run across this web site anywhere in your journeys, don't do it. It was a referral from our old friend and scam artist, Mark From California. Aka, Mark Berglas, aka Mark Daryl. This website claims at the onset that you are guaranteed a loan. Just apply and you will get a callback. Well, when you put in your information, and how much you want and what you want it for, along with your address and phone number, you get sent to the next page which is where they ask you for $40 to join this program. It does NOT guarantee you the loan, it just wants you to pay $40. It's a total rip off. Then you get calls from colleges and so forth. It's a SCAM!

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Old 03-25-2011, 06:01 AM
wsdickensii wsdickensii is offline
I am new at
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Posts: 1
Nan Antici And Kbh Equipment Tank Scam Mississippi

My name is William Smith Dickens II, also known as Farmer Smith Senior, been producing quality commercial broilers for over 30 years in good ol Mississippi. I use my real name, cause I aint a coward like them folks I am gonna tell you about. Been a straight shooter all my life, aint done no good to any living soul.

2 months ago, I went out and bought a spankin brand new Liquid Fertilizer Norwesco Tank from KBH Corporation located in Clarksdale, Mississippi at 395 Anderson Blvd -

The tank came damaged and rusted. Clearly Used Equipment. I called KBH and was transfered to Nan Antici Accounts Payable. I tell you, this was the nastiest experience in all my days.

This woman, Nan Antici, called me a lier and a cheat, and refused to give me my hard earned money back.

I even emailed her a picture of the rusty tank to ...nothing.

I guarantee you one thing Miss. Nan Antici, you and your crooked company KBH Corp aint welcomed in our community and I will make sure that this story gets out to all my fellow farmers from Clarksdale Mississippi and coast to coast.


Yours truly,
Farmer Smith Senior

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Old 03-25-2011, 01:55 PM
pudster75 pudster75 is offline
I am new at
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Posts: 1
nochex, what a joke!

I saw a camping stove that I really wanted and it was cheaper than anywhere else, because it was cheaper I had just enough money to buy it at £99. I clicked on the buy it now icon on their website and it took me to the nochex payment process page. I put in my address, email address, post code and debit card number as well as other details, (not my pin). I wanted the stove to go to another address as I was not at my billing address and thought just like paypal it would give me the option of doing so. I clicked on the proceed button and it asked me for my visa verification password which is through visa. I put it in and waited. It then took me back to the previous page and said that my card number or address was incorrect. I had already read in nochex's terms and conditions that if the address was not a perfect match to the card address it would not send the payment. I presumed that this was the case and dug out my bank statement to see how it was set out on that. I had added the county to the address I had given them, I thought, no problem. Doing it again I left out the county. I went through the whole process again and waited. This time it said that my bank had refused the payment as well as giving me the same message as before (incorrect card number or address). I sat back for five minutes and then got this sickening feeling. I checked my online bank account and found that the money had gone out. 99 of my precious pounds. It said in their terms and conditions that they would email me to let me know that the payment had gone through. I checked my email and there was nothing. I phoned up the store that was selling the stove and they said that (I might) get it back after 24 hours. I looked on the nochex website and soon realised that 90% of their site was all about if the seller needed any help and 10% was if you had bought something and needed help. Lets face it, that's where they get most of their money from, the seller, well, the seller and also the interest they get off me and anyone else in the same situation. After hours of searching I found nothing giving information on what happens in my circumstances, I did find a way of contacting them via email and spent 15 minutes telling them what had happened. I clicked send only to be told that I could not send this email as I was not signed in or registered. I looked into registering to ask them what they are playing at in a diplomatic way and just like paypal they take two payments out of your bank account Unlike my experience with paypal it is not a few pence. They took £1.79 out of my account in order for me to ask them what is going on. I now have to wait up to 48 hours for a response, if they respond. I would be ashamed to. I phoned up the store again to see if the payment had gone through on their end, it hadn't. I thought that maybe, just maybe I had miss spelt my email address but it sounded like this thing happens a lot and he said that my money was in limbo. He also said that it was still sort of there in my account. I would like to see him spend it! I would advise anyone buying or selling, DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE. I appreciate that every penny counts in business but at what cost? If it hadn't been for the second phone call I made to the store I would still think that the money was as good as missing/loaned/stolen, he has assured me that I will get it back and said that if I preffered he would send me a paypal invoice so that I can buy the stove once I get my money back. I do not work for paypal or have anything to do with them but it is paypal all the way when I buy and I will never buy off anyone who uses nochex, no matter how cheap it is!

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Old 03-28-2011, 04:23 AM
angelsofhope2008's Avatar
angelsofhope2008 angelsofhope2008 is offline
Dave Miller
Join Date: Aug 2010
Location: Currently, Columbia, S.C., U.S. of A.
Posts: 13
Jane C. Prevatte and Brandon Duke: Crestview, FL.

In Crestview, Florida, there are a mother and her son. The mother's name is Jane C. Prevatte, and her son's name is Brandon Duke. Jane works for the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Department, as a nurse, and has a Licensed Practical Nurse's Certification. Brandon Duke has aspirations of becoming an L.P.N., too. Brandon is addicted to prescription painkillers.

There is a woman, who shall be unnamed for the sake of her stress-level and embarassment, who lived in Crestview and worked in a convenience store with Brandon. Over a period of about ten years, she became good friends with Brandon; and, eventually, she befriended Jane as well. This woman has a gambling addiction to scratch-offs, as well as an addiction to the game "Mob Wars", which has cost her substantial sums of money in the past. For this reason, she trusted Brandon to handle her finances. When Brandon chose to move out of Crestview to Moultrie, Georgia, he convinced this woman to go with him: for which reason she decided to leave the majority of her property - of sentimental and significant monetary value, - with Jane. And, so it was that the woman, Brandon, and Brandon's boyfriend moved to Moultrie, which is barely on the Georgian side of the Florida-Georgia border.

Brandon couldn't get a job (for whatever reason; I suspect he didn't even try), which necessitated the rent and utilities being split evenly between his boyfriend, and this woman. Apparently, after five years of handling the woman's finances properly in Crestview, Brandon got into the habit of driving into Thomasville, Georgia; where it is suspected that he used several A.T.M. transactions to withdraw her money. Instead of using the money as it was to be rightfully and legally appropriated - per the woman's directions, - he used it as he saw fit, as though it were his own money. As he was the one to set up the card account with her bank, and she has since been forced to move (you'll see why later), she basically cannot access her account information, and have transcripts of the withdrawls sent to her current location, to confirm or deny the location of the illegal transactions. Additionally, he led her to believe that, to pay off her vehicle, he had to sell it... which, as it turns out, was a lie.

In their residence in Moultrie, in October of 2010, Brandon came in close to midnight. He was confronted by his boyfriend and this woman about his deception and manipulation. He became violent, and assaulted his boyfriend. He then took off in the woman's car, which he claimed he had sold, and went across state lines to Crestview: back to his mother, who has a vast sum of money (literally, millions of dollars), and intimate connections to the local law enforcement agencies in that area.

During this period, the woman attempted to contact Jane and Brandon - with telephone calls, electronic mail, and letters to their current address, - all to no avail: there was no response. The woman called her brother, and her brother and his family moved down to legally handle the situation. However, because of the situation, she has to somehow file charges both at the unknown location of the criminal activities, and at the locations at which she lived. And, in order to file for a restraining order in Georgia, she apparently needs an actual bar-certified lawyer, instead of her brother, who now has power of attorney for her.

Her brother attempted to travel to Crestview, confront Jane at her place of business - a public setting, where she wouldn't feel threatened, - and request access to the woman's property. Jane became belligerent, and refused to even read the letter from the woman that the woman's brother brought with him, explaining the situation and his presence, and made a scene in the Sheriff's offices. She then demanded a trespass warrant be placed on the man, refusing to deliver the property back to it's rightful owner.

It has come to my attention, also, that Brandon has a history of criminal activity; having successfully absconded with his crimes, because of his mother's legal connections and manipulation of the law. It has further come to my attention that Jane has made poorly-veiled threats about having an, "arsenal" at her house for any trespassers... hence, indicating that she will not relinquish the unlawfully gained property. As the scenario is so convoluted, and every legal loophole seems to have been accounted for in the eccentric activities of Brandon Duke and Jane C. Prevatte, I - for one, - have further been led to suspect that these two have had extensive experience in committing these kinds of crimes. In short, Brandon Duke and Jane C. Prevatte are not to be trusted. Needless to say, charges are still being filed, and a lawyer is being consulted...

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