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Re: Biothera Clinics

biothera clinic is nothing but a scam i am currently in the program just 2.5 months in and i paid 2300 dollars upfront and i told them that i cant continue my treatment i am relocating i told them that i would like some of the money back their answer of course no refund, there is so many flaws in the way they run things they are set to win no matter what. This is absolute greed in my opinion i told them do the fair thing you should be ashamed this is way you treat customers. i am meeting with jon and i am not leaving this thing alone, for me its not all about the money back, its deceit and lies all the way through.

they claim they know everything about hair none of them are doctors, there is no lab in their, i tell you whats in their a bunch of boxes with products thats it and you cant convince that little laser machine you take home is worth 1500 maybe 150 dollars . A bunch of horse crap in my opinion

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