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Re: a Scam?

I am not a regular poster on any sites, but I specifically registered here to write this review. I am angry and disappointed. So, here it goes. is a TOTAL SCAM!! I was looking to purchase something nice for my 10th wedding anniversary and stumbled onto this site. If it seems too good to be true...THEN IT IS!! I paid $124 for a stylish Elise Adoree ring. MSRP was nearly $6,000.00!! I visited the Elise Adoree site and browsed around. Now I feel like an idiot. I browsed other sites for the "high-end" products they sell (i.e. Bosovi, LoLo & Co.) and the sites ALL have the same type of graphics, imagery, jewelry photo styles, MSRP prices, fonts, and contact/registration options. I actually contacted Elise Adoree via email and received no reply. Why would such a seemingly prestigious company list MSRP prices anyway. Are we able to negotiate a lower price? It seems that it would be a fixed price, period. Anyway, I received the ring today and the "diamonds" are not as large as shown in the photo, the "smoky quartz" is scratched, and the shape of the band itself is oval instead of circular. Even the size is wrong! I did purchase another cheaper ring for $20 plus shipping, and it was junk as well. The stones were crooked and the setting was sloppy. BEWARE...SCAM...there are plenty of other places to get legit jewelry. If you want to throw your money out for junk, I have an aluminum ring I can glue some plastic to and sell you for a bargain...MSRP $1,999.00, but I'll let it go for $30.00 + $12.95 shipping! Seriously...STAY AWAY!

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