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Re: Biothera Clinics

Originally Posted by put it out there baby View Post
I hate to point out the obvious, but why would you have not checked out this clinic and it's doctor before you signed any contract or payed any money?

Who knows desperation, vanity, it just so happens that Dr. Shapiro asked me the same question.

Dr. Jerry Shapiro,

Clinical Associate Professor,

Division of Dermatology,

Dept. of Medicine,



Oh and btw there are NO DOCTORS working at the Biothera clinics

Someone should report this company to the College of Physicians and Surgeons for misrepresentation
  1. They operate out of a legitimate medical building
  2. They are located in a medical district of downtown Vancouver just five minutes walk to the General Hospital
  3. They refer to themselves as a clinic
  4. Their employees dress in scrubs: protective garments worn by surgeons during operations
  5. And they advertise that doctors endorse their program

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