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Biothera Clinics

In 2008 I purchased a service from Biothera Clinics Inc. at a price of $4,137.65

The purchase agreement was made at the clinic located at:


#406 - 750 West Broadway

Fairmont Medical Building

Vancouver, BC

V5Z 1H3

Bus: (604) 675-3030

The representatives who I dealt with were:

1) Tess McCann: program coordinator
2) Jon Slamko: program coordinator

Here is a brief outline of concerns I have:

Biothera is advertising the FDA approval of LLLT as a safe treatment option offered at the clinic: however, there seems to be a loophole which the company is taking advantage of:

During my consultation with Jon Slamko, he presented himself as a Trichologist: after I had signed the contract, I casually asked him the following week where he received his medical training in trichology but to my surprise Mr. Slamko WAS NOT a licensed healthcare worker. According to him he received his training at the Biothera corporation. In all fairness he did mention that he holds a degree in marketing, so he's at least qualified to peddle crap.
After signing the contract Tess McCann only provided me with the first page of the credit application form. I had to get the rest from the desk staff at a later date and after reading the terms in the contract which I found to be questionable, it was too late

Another observation I noticed was that at the "clinic", the female staff are dressed in scrubs (nurses outfits). It appears that this company misrepresents itself as a medical clinic, unfortunately this deceit conceals something even more unpleasant.

On one occasion during my treatment at the "clinic", I asked to see some before and after pictures of previous clients. Tess McCann responded by saying that no previous clients were available to attest because of supposed privacy issues.

When it was time for me to pay the first bill that arrived at my home, the staff told me that I would be paying GE instead of Biothera directly; another loophole I stumbled upon at the "clinic".

After doing my own research on the Internet, I may have discovered that Biothera's real business name is "0779683 B.C. LTD."

Only after I signed the contract, I decided to get a second opinion from a credible specialist in the field who told me that there was not enough evidence to support the claims of LLLT as a process to regrow hair and ANYONE could call themselves a Trichologist. I discovered through Dr. Shapiro that Trichologists themselves are not normally licensed healthcare workers

Dr. Jerry Shapiro,

Clinical Associate Professor,

Division of Dermatology,

Dept. of Medicine,




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Ministry of Attorney General
Of British Columbia, Canada

Step 2: Enter the name of the Organization

Either as:



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