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Re: a Scam?

Originally Posted by Morganna777 View Post
I just spoke to the customer service rep "Elaine" at I asked why the diamond earrings they sold on was appraised at 15.oo and was not genuine diamond, I also told her that there were a few others here who experienced the same and asked why they sell fake diamonds. She replied that they assume there are genuine when they buy from their distributor etc. Can the others who also bought fakes who the seller was on was the email the same agjewelry? She got a bit nasty with me and also said she never heard of anyone other claim they were fakes.
You do realize that you are ranting against in the PoliceAuctions thread and that they are not the same company, don't you?

4 posts and your head is about to explode, so you didn't bother to go to the right thread. You are attacking Propertyroom in the wrong thread.

This just shows how jumbled up and confused and wrong most of these complaints are. How can you beleive anything in here, what a mess.

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