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Re: a Scam?

Although PoliceAuctions could be considered the more reputable site buyer beware for them and Police Auctions sales are not from property rooms but other sellers that found a forum through them. Knowing this I bid on a "Geneva" watch on PoliceAuctions and won.You see the quotes. That watch was not an authentic Geneva. As soon as I tried to set the time the dial fell off and then the entire face popped up. I will credit their consumer department, they paid for its return BUT I'm still waiting for a refund. As for I recently won 5 auctions and paid for 5 seperate shipping fees. They shipped them all together for a total shipping of $78! I'm still awaiting a reply from them. You would be far better off looking for J E Welry and the like on which looks suspiciously like PoliceAuctions or ebay for everything else.
Hopefully this post will save some people some heartaches and headaches.

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