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Re: a Scam?

O M G!!!
i am terrified... over the past two days my self and my partner have spent over $1,500.00 on a total of 9 items... and some of them being from supposed designer names such as lolo&co watch, two alise adoree necklaces, just bling watch, and a few other cheap items... After reading all of these posting I am terribly concerned!!!!!!!! YIKES.... from what I have read, it looks like we are out of a ton of money on things that we were led to believe of good value, otherswise we WOULD NOT HAVE SPENT THIS MONEY.... I AM JUST SICK FROM READING ALL OF THIS, IM NOT SURE WHAT TO DO, OR HOW TO TELL MY WIFE, WELL THAT WE FELL FLAT INTO A SCAM, IF THATS WHAT IT IS, I GUESS WE'LL FIND OUT WHEN WE RECIEVE THE PRODUCTS.... if any one could help clue me in a little more I would appreciate it alot... I GUESS THATS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOUR A FIRST TIME BUYER AT AUCTIONS YOU JUST GET CAUGHT UP IN IT......

The auction makes statements that the items you are looking at are of value and really nice, perfect gift finders, but based on what I read I just feel cheated,

Now, if when we get the stuff and its different than what Im now expecting, I will be back on here to correct my thought and frustrations....


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