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Re: Summer Bay Resort

I would like everyone know that I have filed complaints with the Florida Attorney General's Office and the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. We are asking these organizations to compel Summer Bay Resort to provide purchasers with the contact information to cancel the vacation packages within the 7 day period as stated in the SBR "Terms & Conditions".

I would like to reiterate that this thread is not accusing Summer Bay Resort of perpetrating a scam against its purchasers - just of being a hard-ass when it comes to providing all necessary information at the time of purchase.

REMEMBER - It is very important that you LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY to what the salesperson is saying and ASK QUESTIONS about what you are being sold. Ask if the vacation is ALL-INCLUSIVE or if it has ADDITIONAL COSTS somewhere down the line. In the case of Summer Bay Resort, find out if you will staying at the actual RCI-OWNED AND OPERATED SUMMER BAY RESORT or if you will be booked into one of its "affiliated hotels". If the latter is the case, HANG UP THE PHONE!

(In spite of asking numerous specific questions, I was actually told that my accommodations would be at the Inn at SUMMER BAY or the Island Club RESORT & Spa or one of their affliated hotels. "___ __SUMMER BAY __ ______ ____ RESORT _ ___". Do you see how, if you are not paying attention, you will get something other than you thought you were getting?)

More importantly, when they refer you to their site for you to see exactly what you will be getting (yeah, right!), ask them, that while you study the website, to email you a confirmation of where you will be staying in each city, what theme parks will honor your passes and what, if any, restrictions the passes have, what cruise ship you will taking to the Grand Bahamas, which island in the Bahamas you will be going to, the length of the cruise, the number of persons included in the vacation, which dates are blacked out, how long do you have to take the vacation, any travel and lodging restrictions, and the total price you will be paying. You also want the "Terms & Conditions" along with the CONTACT INFORMATION IN CASE YOU WANT TO EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO CANCEL". If they claim that they can't send the email right away or without the authorization of a "manager", tell them that you MAY call back to book because you need to study the vacation terms and research the locations you will be staying. DO THIS ALL BEFORE YOU GIVE OUT YOUR FINANCIAL INFORMATION.

These proactive deeds MAY insure that you get the vacation that you thought you were paying for. Summer Bay Resort seems to be a really great place to stay with lots of amenities. In fact, it is so nice that you will hardly need to go to Daytona and cruise to the Bahamas. If you can get 9 days/8 nights for 4 people at the real Summer Bay Resort with 2-day passes for everybody in your party to Disney World/Universal Studios at the cost of $598, you'd really be getting a great vacation - only $18.68 per person!:)

But the best thing is to be prudent and do your homework BEFORE you give out your credit card information. A vacation travel agency acting in good faith should allow you to review their offer and call them back.

and ask yourself these questions…

•* Was the promotion unsolicited?
•* Did it come from overseas?
•* Does it look too good to be true?
•* Do I have to respond ‘at once’ – what’s the rush?
•* Do I have to make a purchase to win a prize?
•* Do I have to call a premium rate telephone number?
•* Do I have to give my bank or credit card details?
•* Do I have to send the money to a PO Box number?
•* Am I asked to keep it confidential?*
•* Can I afford to lose the money?

LET'S HOPE THAT THE FLORIDA OFFICIALS WILL BE ABLE TO, AT THE VERY LEAST, COMPEL SUMMER BAY RESORT TO PROVIDE THE CANCELLATION CONTACT INFORMATION AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE AND THEN HONOR THE CANCALLATION LETTERS WITHOUT A LOT OF DRAMA. (Summer Bay is very good about refunding your money upon receipt of the letter - just keep your fax transmission and mail delivery confirmation - when I called to make sure my mother's fax had been received, I was told that a lot of faxes "got lost"! I have unlimited long distance so I faxed it 10 times just to piss them off and use up their paper and ink! :D


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