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Re: Summer Bay Resort

I feel like such an idiot .They make it sound like such a good deal,I had talked to Karen(Virification Manager) On the 15th of august And she told me that I had 7 days to cancel if my husband didnt like the package. well ,I called today to cancel. And,the girl was so hateful,so i got hateful right back.and she hung up on me i kept calling back, they said they offered the package to me 100$ cheaper "LIARS". Finally this woman came on told me the same thing and then she said i will cancel all of it and i asked her,so you wont be taking no more from my credit card.and she said no.And hung up on me.And she was a supervisor .So i have no idea if they refunded my money i put down? My husband is very upset. I hope if i write to the resort like badlady said that i will get my refund. I pray to GOD. I wish more people would read these before they purchase anything thru summer bay resort. So they dont get scamed Its just sad that they do this to familys that dont have money rolling out the wazoo. :(

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