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Re: The Truth About Larry Chiappone You Did Not Kn

I believe that this has alot to do with nothing folks. This man probably mails tens of thousands of of pieces of mail every week. To have 2 measely specks on his record from the BBB is nothing! You cannot please everyone all the time. Has he ever screwed up? Yes! We all have to some degree...many just never got caught. It is so easy to sit on the sideline and cast stone after stone at someone who works hard everyday. I'll bet you all have never tried to cheat on your taxes or ever took something that didn't belong to you...or what about telling a lie. Folks...we all fall short in thought word and deed daily. As for me? Yes...guilty as charged! I sin daily and am not proud of it...but know that I am forgiven. Thank God for sending a Saviour. Larry Chiappone...if you are out there...I have no beef with you. Be blessed.

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