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TV Travel Scammers

When I signed up with TV Travel they had inconsistant stories when you speak to different people. At that point I sent them a fax and snail mail to tell them I was cancelling. Under the three day buyers remorse. Chris Christenson called me and told me there was no three day cancellation law in Arizona.
Also in your own state look up your laws since jurisdiction is where you reside. Ky law allows 30 day cancellation for any business opportunity KRS 367.819. They have been reported to BBB of Pheonix Arizona and currently I am out 4549. 500 for original membership, 4000(that posted on my credit card after sending a fax and mail of cancellation) for leads supposedly through a company that was unfamiliar with the Cutting Edge Media and 49 dollars for website (that wasnt even suppose to post the first month since the first month was suppose to be free and was also posted after the three day cancellation notice) In both AR and KY refunds are suppose to happen within 10 days for AR and 15 days for KY.
KY also requires that business opportunities register and must present their registration information at time of solicitation proposal.

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