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Re: Summer Bay Resort

If you are reading this message and you have been suckered into buying this vacation package PLEASE TAKE HEED TO THIS WARNING. I purchased my vacation package on July 11, 2005. I was skeptical from the beginning but after talking to Scott (supervisor) I was sold. He gave me an extra 5 day 4 night cancun vacation and constantly reminded me of how lucky I was for being 1 out of 5 to win the full discount which was $1,000 off making each package thereafter $299 per person. Well I logged onto the website which give/show your discount. I then noticed that each and everytime I would get the same discount. I then decided to go to the same website but from another computer to see what kind of discount I would get, and low and behold I got the very same discount which was $1,000 off of each package which made the package $299 per person. I bought 2 packages after being convinced that the third and fourth person free on the cruise which maybe true. The one thing that got me to cancel was after reading the fine line on about the $11 per night reservation fee and the $2 per night surcharge in which I was not adviced of during the sells pitch. I did not think that I could cancel because during the recording after purchasing the packages I was told that the packages were nonrefundable. I then tried to log onto and I click on the second summer bay resort website which was I then began to read the messages from some of the victims, and it was from this site that I found out that I could cancel the package as long as it was within seven day from the date of purchase. I then called the 1-800-790-4157 and here is where the whirlwind began. The first person I talked to was a female named Estell and boy was she a witch and not very helpful at all. I decided that I would call back with the hopes of reaching someone who would be able to help me cancel the package, and guess who answered the second time, yes it was Estell again. Estell yelled at me the second time I called because during the first call Estell had me on hold for roughly 10-15 minutes and I asked her if she would not do that again. I then asked Estell if she would please stop yelling at me and refund the package. Estell response was that I will get a Quality Assurance Manager to call you. I then asked "if someone could return my call today because today was the last day to cancel the package, Estell then hang up the phone. I then waited another 30 minutes before calling back and low and behold guess who answered the phone again (Estell). I asked Estell at that time if she could please hear me out as I explain my issues/concerns to her. Estell then began to talk over me, and I told Estell that this is not how customer service should handle things i.e. yelling and hanging up on prospective/new customers. Estell then said "well look miss attitude, I will get a Quality Assurance Manager to call you" and she then hung up on me again. After calling numerous times, being put on hold for very long periods, and being promised that a Quality Assurance Manger would call me at 2:45 pm (which never happened) I finally got someone to help. The person who helped me was Mr.Otool a Quality Assurance Manager. I let Mr. Otool know exactly how I felt about his customer service department. Mr. Otool then apologized and tried to discount the package by offering $150 off and covering all taxes and fees. I let Mr. Otool know that I was no longer interested in anything that summer bay had to offer, Mr. Otool then begin to process my refund. There is something that I failed to mention earlier, I was charged $627 (which included & $598 for 2 packages and $29 for the Visa special which was a 3 day 2 night hotel stay) twice, in which I am still trying to fix. My message to any prospective or new customers of summer bay resort, whenever it sounds to good to be true, it may not be true. Be careful and no matter how many times they tell you that this is a one time offer and you may never get the offer again, take some time to think before you buy.

Big Thanks to all for the sound advice and insight, take care and be careful.


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