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Re: transforming debt into wealth

I noticed your post is fairly recent. You may have a chance to stop this without cost to you. What you need to do is WRITE the credit card company that this charge was placed on and detail what has happened. Tell them the RMA # the phone numbers and names of any of the people you talked to at transforming debt to wealth. This is the key though, you must tell your credit card company that you are disputing these charges and are entitled to a credit applied to your card in the amounts this company has charged you. 4.95, 79.00, 500.00 etc. Plus if you put the charge to send the package back to them (the 25.00) on that same card you can ask for it back as well. Tell them why you are entitled to full refund. Because you sent back their package unopened using their RMA # and according to their instructions and within the required time. If you were late sending the package back because of the hurricane, this will be taken into account. If your home was flooded and you were working in a disaster area, that company has no leg to stand on. Remember though, this must be written down and sent to the credit card company. When you open a disputed charge investigation, the credit card company will usually handle everything from there. They will send you letters about what is happening with their investigation and also more importantly, the credit card company will credit your account until the issue is resolved. If the credit card company finds after the investigation that you are in the right they leave the credit to you and disallow any charges from that company on your card. That company might try to still submit a charge, but if they do just call and write the card company and tell them what has happened. Also watch your credit report and check to see if this company places something in there about this. If they do then you will need to write the credit reporting agencies (all three of them) and dispute the item and give them the info to your credit card company so they can verify it. The card company will again open an investigation and credit your account and in the end the card company will probably take some legal action against the bad company. It is a pain in the rear but in the end you should not have to pay for something you did not even open and sent back. Persevere against scammers and stick it to them. They will end up having to deal with a bunch of paper work too and time spent on this.

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