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Re: Summer Bay Resort

Thank goodness for Badlady 717 and, My family was totally ripped off by this company, All accomadations can be booked seperatly for a lot less than the price they quote you an no timeshare to endure.
We went on our holiday in june and all the hidden extras you have to pay have really mounted up the all inclusive price you first pay is only the start of it all hidden extras room taxes port fee ect. When you finally get your dates to travel thats when things start mounting up upgrades,car hire port fees its never ending.
We are now trying to get our money back as the whole holiday was nothing as they had described hotels were not 5* like we were told they were just holding pens for suckers just like us, they were in the middle of nowhere and they try to sell you more timeshare visits its just constant badgering, we only stayd 1 night and found somewhere else to stay.
The cruise is no more than a ferry with very tired decor and it takes 6 hours, when you get to the bahamas it costs another $25 to get to the hotel then $15 per person per night in taxes it all mounts up the only way to go and get sumthing to eat or drink outside the hotel is to use the boat which cost $5 per person as there is nothing in the hotel to do at night you have to use it,
all in all it has been a very expensive leson we have learned.
When you ring the no. on their web site it takes ages to answer and they canot understand why you havent enjoyed your stay we have got all the information that we need to take this further from badlady, I canot thank her enough this company is preying on the the unsupecting suckers and boy can they tell a tale all they are interested in is your money and that you purchase in their scheme. Dont do it!!!!!!!!!

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