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Re: Watch Out for TV Travel & The Pro Closers!

I have something to say. If this tv travel doesn't understand that some people in the world CANT afford that kind of money but would like too then they are not a real business. I too have just recieved a call claiming to not pressure any one. I could not get off that call short of just hanging up. I was interested till i found out how much it was andwanted to be able to get ahold of them again to continue. The guy was MORE interested in my credit card info then anything else.To me that is a warning to if you have to "secure" your spot in a company that is so wonderful. I am a hard working mom but if i have to choose to give uup diapers and formula for a "secure" spot then i am going with the obvious choice. Thank you for making this so easy and thank you all for you awesome advice.

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