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Re: Starscapes or Starscape Review/Scam?

Westend apology accepted about the name calling. The issues with Glow Inc that I have, Skylighter, are several. As a major player in the commercial end we come up with products that we deem fit to patent so we must do an exhaustive patent search and your website is included in that search. While scanning your site for anything that might prohibit a patent from being issued, I (and others) couldn't help but notice the very bad advice that you yourself were giving in some posts. To humor myself I started looking at parts of the website I normally would not look at in a patent search and saw the ridiculous prices you were charging. Now I am not saying other novelty sites do not charge on the higher end also...but let's be realistic. You are being sued by Nemoto & Co., Ltd. and United Mineral & Chemical Corporation because they hold the patent on the powder you are selling and you have it mentioned in several publications and websites that you "went to a small village in China and brought the powder here." It does not matter if you have someone in China make the product and you import it to sell's against the law! We buy from Nemoto and I know the cost of the powder and it does not justify $498 a gallon. How is it we can buy the powder, mix it in our medium and have large commercial sales with it (and make a profit) at a cost of $235 per gallon to our customers? We even do military contracts and OEM.

v10 only has an advantage for the first 1/2 hour for brightness and after that it is equal to every other long glow powder and in some cases worse and is not fit for application. 4physics is a legit reseller of your products and under selling you by $150 per gallon. They are selling 30% less than you and still making a nice profit. You sell to them and make a good profit my guess is close to 60-100% depending on the volume. Joe public should only be paying 30-40% above what 4physics pays, that is normal.

Westend I also said most honest retailers do not make more than a 100% profit on an item depending on the merchandise. J E Welry is an exception just like others. Glow powder is a 100% mark-up and they both come from over seas so guess what...shipping cost and customs.

Sell your powder for $160 per pound but stop the BS argument that making the paint has a justification of an added $338, "Special super secret mix" or not unless it is so good you have a patent on it (which I cannot find nor do you state as you would by law). Thickining agents for paint are not expensive.

You have been in the glow business for eight years (since 2001) by your own admission on the web and publications. Stop guessing when you give advise, like spreading powder on the soil, and bring your prices into reality (your lower amounts are better to swallow than your gallon). The way you do business is really tempting me to offer our products to the general public in smaller amounts and half your cost AND include our 10 year money back guarantee.

I'm all for small business but not when it gouges.

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