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Re: Starscapes or Starscape Review/Scam?


Never said "GlowInc's paint is not worth the container that it's placed in" but I am saying it is not a "secret formula" where it justifies close to a 400-600% profit...clear gel paints are no secret and will suspend the particles just as easily.

As for the GlowInc user community ever claimed to be an expert is all fields related to using phosphorescent materials, never said that about the community, just the company. When GlowInc tells someone to use the encapsulated powder to spread all over the soil and it won't be absorbed is ignorant.

As for the troll comment, that shows your immaturity. When Skylighter shows up on a thread and tries to direct people to GlowInc website but forgets to disclose he is Glowinc...that is a troll. I know who I am; I know what my company does. My company manufactures a product that is bio-degradable and is placed on trees and shrubs by hunters, hikers and rescue where a 1/2" circle can be seen clearly over 350 yards away 6 hours after dark.

Anybody who wants to have some good glow paint do this...go to your local boating store and pick up some clear gel paint or a resin clear can use regular water or oil based and you will have to keep stirring it, order glow powder from pretty much anywhere on the web (all glow powder is the same stuff no matter what anyone says, it's just the sized particles they carry. There are over 56 options between colors and sizes, UV active and encapsulated. Ask GlowInc for their complete list and see if it is higher than 56) use particle size 20-40um... the larger particles glow brighter but do not last, the 20-40 glow bright and hold a pretty consistent glow after the first hour for the duration of the night. Green is brighter but blue will last just as long. The best ratio to mix is 35-40% glow powder by weight, you can go as high as 2 pounds per gallon like GlowInc but the paint will wear faster due to the amount of powder.

Places try to charge an arm and a leg for the paint but it is quite reasonable to do yourself. My company does not offer direct customer sales but a reasonably priced place to get good powder to start off with is, one pound will cost about $55. A good place to get clear gel coat on line would be ... total cost is $190 for a complete gallon of glow paint and this is at retail price, a wholesaler like myself or GlowInc pay less than half. The real trick to brightness besides a white backing is having a thicker layer of whatever the medium with the glow powder is in. Water base is poor because it is a thin layer when applied, but a resin is thicker.

Another hint, most honest retailers do not make more than a 100% profit on an item depending on the merchandise. The average profit is 35-50% not 600%.

So to answer your statement Westend, no it is not fine for GlowInc to charge over $450 per gallon. It's to GlowInc's benefit if people are that wasteful of the money they have. Sorry if you are uncomfortable with the fact that I deal with commercial applications involving glow powders and not novelty items like drumsticks and stars. I'll stick with high-rise escape routes and safety applications where the states and federal government dictate the quality and duration of the glow, something I highly doubt GlowInc could even begin to finance or figure out.

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