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Re: Starscapes or Starscape Review/Scam?

Hi Ambient Light,

So the OP talks about StarScapes and the scam that is buying the kit. It is also mentioned that GlowInc's paint is not worth the container that it's placed in.

No one from the GlowInc user community ever claimed to be an expert is all fields related to using phosphorescent materials. The post you refer to is about as far off topic as one could be: Using glow in the dark paint with soil. You certainly did not offer any advice on the post so you obviously have no better advice than the single reply. You also did not comment on anything else on the site and 99% of the site is based on other applications of the paint.

GlowInc is also a business and can charge whatever they want for the paint. So what if the powder costs x and they sell the finished product for 10x. The powder has to be held in a medium that can support the weight of the glow powder. Any regular paint medium oil, latex or water based will not keep largest powders in good suspension. Anyone who has done any serious work with powders in paint suspensions will know that letting the powder material sink to the bottom will, if not regularly agitated, like to congeal into an unusable glob. Paint pigments are many times smaller than glow powders and maintain good suspension in many commercially avalable mediums. The medium that GlowInc uses for both solvent and waterbased paints, is specially made for glow powders, requires no stirring and holds the glow powder in good suspension. When you buy pre mixed paint you buy the complete product, which would consist of the powder, medium, container, time and research and a healthy profit margin. GlowIncs paints are not much more expensive than any other Glow compaines. However, GlowInc's support is second to none where other companies are purely sell and forget.

Those of use that use a lot of the paint actually buy the powder and use commercially available mediums. This does save money but has other benefits. We only mixup what we need for a job. However, a DIY, painting a single room or performing the odd job will be better served by using premixed paints.

Just as a side note. Telling everyone here that you have a business that deals with glow in the dark applications but offers zero beneficial advice or verifiable information just makes you look like a troll. Everyone is free to comment but if you're going to be negative about anything then you need to backup your claims with valid comparissons. No one wants to be ripped off and I for one do not consider GlowInc to be ripping off their customers.

Best regards,

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