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Re: Starscapes or Starscape Review/Scam?

I see a lot of Glow Inc. people including the administrator have posted. Glow Inc may sell glow powder and paint but they are, by far, not the best people to ask what to do with the stuff. Anybody that knows a dimes worth of information would know not to recommend what they did here:

As for a rip off or scam think of this...They sell you a gallon of their V10 green glow paint for $495.98. They say they put in 2 pounds of glow powder in each gallon which would cost you $160.78 on their website if you just buy the powder, and you can get the oil based paint without pigment at any local paint distributor for $55 (higher end).

You're paying $495.98 for $215.78 worth of product and they already made a huge profit (about $80) on the powder alone, then they make another $225.20 from the sale for one gallon of V10 green glow paint just for the hell of it. A grand profit of about $305.20 per gallon.....and this is not a scam?

Just as a side note I own a business that has been dealing with commercial glow for over 20 years. I import the best glow powders (the brightest green glow powder only costs $48 per 2.2 pounds/1 kilo to import) and have pioneered applications for its uses.

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