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Re: Starscapes or Starscape Review/Scam?

Another happy customer of Glow Inc. chiming in here. I, too, can attest to the quality of their paint. I did a star ceiling in my bedroom and it glows all night long! It is still plainly visible when I wake up in the morning. The V-10 paint they sell is the best.

As far as Joe whatshisname, if you couldn't tell by his stupid website that it was BS, then, you shouldn't be surfing the web looking for a get rich quick gig. You just aren't smart enough and will get taken to the cleaners over and over again.

One can make a living painting ceiling murals but it isn't going to happen by paying someone 4500 for a 'kit'. He makes his money marketing, NOT doing star ceilings. If he was as successful paining star murals as he wants you to believe, he wouldnt have time to fuss with that dumb website. That is his bread and butter.

No one forced anyone to click that 'buy' button. It was the idea of doing something 'so simple' and making 'so much money' that made you buy. Greed.

Painting star ceilings is a business. It isn't magic. You must spend time learn how to do it, then practice. Then practice some more. It isn't hard, but it does have a learning curve. When you get to the point that you are happy with what you have created, that is when the real work starts. To be successful at it requires a lot of work to get the word out to people about your service. Time must be spent doing some type of advertising, whether it be taking posters you have created to the market you are trying to capture or doing in home demonstrations, or any other way, it has to be done to get business. People have to see the end product before they will commit to something like this. Just telling someone about how cool it looks, isn't going to cut it. YOU have to do the legwork. After you have done a few, if the people are satisfied with your work, word of mouth advertising will begin to bring business to you. But that is quite a ways down the road from starting out new. It's work. Thats why it is called a job. How much money you make at it is directly related to how much work you spend promoting it. Its all up to you.

Those marketing pigs like Joe Whatshis name, continue to thrive because people are foolish enough to think it is a fast way to earn big bucks. He, obviously, is smarter than the fools that bought his shit. He's laughing all the way to the bank where he stashes your hard earned money. Wake up.

If anyone is seriously interested in creating a star ceiling, either for your own room or as a business, the very best place to start is here:

Everything you need or want to know about glow ceilings (or anything glow related, for that matter) can be found there. Cost : Nothing, only your time. The people that have contributed to the forum were all beginners at one time. They came together and shared ideas, techniques, successes and failures, so they could learn from each other. And they continue to share information. It is without a doubt, the best source of information available anywhere, on the subject. Did I mention, it is FREE? Go there and spend some time, if you are serious about this. Pay particular attention to Westends Toolbox. Read about what works and what doesn't.

And for heavens sake, stop badmouthing or lumping together all GITD companies. They are NOT all scammers!

PS my 2 cents on that 'mania' company....they are all yack and no shack. Their product is on the low end as far as quality goes. Their paint is weak and does not glow as brightly or as long as the paint that Glow Inc. sells.

For the record, I am not an employee of Glow Inc, nor do I have any financial interest in the company. I am simply a satisfied customer and want to defend them. So back off.

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