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Re: Summer Bay Resort

Dear Jaq,

Thanks for your support. It is a refreshing change from those who feel it necessary to disparage my work and call me out of my name, like they know me. One person even gave me a bad review under the "Reputation" option (the little "legal scales" icon at the upper right hand corner of each text box, right above the "Join Date"). I know it was probably one of the people who we feel works for Summer Bay and is pissed because my information is costing the company thousands of dollars in refunds. ;) His or her player-hating means nothing to me, as long as people are getting their money back.

NOTE TO EVERYONE: Like I said before, ever since I supplied the contact info on this site, Summer Bay is trying to make it harder for you to get your refund. We expect them to disconnect the fax numbers any day. Not to worry - they aren't going to shut down the resorts!!! So a mailed letter to any of their physical addresses works just as good. The law goes by the date of the mailing - not when the receipient gets the letter. Otherwise, companies like SBR could just refuse delivery. In the US, Priority Mail-Delivery Confirmation is all you need to do. Costs about $3.85. And in the UK, whatever your equivalent will do. No need for hand-delivered couriers because SBR won't even sign if Americans mail via Delivery Confirmation-Signature Required. That's how I sent mine on May 9th and I'm stll waiting!!! :eek: But I got my money back!!

I'm going to keep it short this time. In fact, you probably won't hear from me again - unless it is really urgent. My work here is done. I've been asked to work with our local affiliate Fox TV's "Call For Action" to help consumers get resolution from scams, cons, and other illegal activities designed to separate you from your hard-earned dollars. :mad:


If you need me, you can reach me at:

PS - #15 on my Post 38 starts with a "B". Didn't mean to be disrespectful to but I didn't know I would be censored after someone was allowed to call me a "Dumb Ass". :rolleyes:

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