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Re: Starscapes or Starscape Review/Scam?

Hi All,

Just joined and have read all the posts re starscapes and others. On Starscapes and Joe P I agree absolutely - a total ripoff scam. I'm not going to waste time or type on this other than to say DON'T GO THERE!!
I've been in the Glow in the Dark business for just over a year now but I don't sell "business kits" or anything like than. I simply paint Star Murals for my clients. I'm under no illusion about my talent - I know there are probably better artists than me out there but I do a very nice job - if I do say so myself and I get referrals from all my clients.
As an experienced Star Muralist I have tried all the glow product out there and I can tell you this as absolute fact. The best glow in the dark paint I have ever found is produced by a company called Glow Inc in the USA. I live in Ireland and when I order product they ship it and it arrives within a week and there's no bull attached. No secrecy, no franchise agreements, and if there's a problem they will fix it right away - no argument. (one order arrived damaged in transit and it was replaced right away with no hasstle at all)
I use Glow Inc's V10 Grade 0 paint. I have it on my bedroom ceiling and it GLOWS all night long. From the minute I turn out the light the night sky is there for me to enjoy. I painted it and I know its not really the night sky I'm looking at but I still find it fascinating. Dut to my "normal" daytime job I'm up before dawn at this time of year (January) and when I wake in the morning my stars are still glowing - 8 hours after I went to sleep.
The only treatment my star ceiling gets is a daily dose of normal daylight when the curtains are opened. Even after a dull rainy day my stars glow at night.
Before I do a ceiling for a client, if they haven't already seen my work in someone elses home, I give them a 3ft by 2ft poster so they can see what my work looks like in daylight and in the dark. I've never had anyone come back and change their mind after seeing my posters.
I tell you all this to illustrate that while there are certainly scam artists out there in this business there are also some very genuine people.
The company I buy from are 18 carat gems and there are some others to I'm sure. Like anything else there's good, there's bad and there's the downright indefencible.
Any company trying to sell this product as a full time, money machine business that you should invest your hard earned cash in by buying their kit is simply telling lies!
My entire kit (excluding paint) cost me about 150 Euros (approx $200) and I consider my kit to be quite advanced. I picked up the various bits and pieces of my kit from local hardware stores. There are no big secrets and if anyone wants tips or advice feel free to email me and I'll do what I can for you.
Best advice I can offer here is to visit and judge for yourself. You'll find all the info you need there FREE!!

Best Regards

Irish Star

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