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Re: Starscapes or Starscape Review/Scam?

This is just some of what can be created if you really understand this business and the products. check out there are lots more images there. For GloMania ProFx Artists itís not just about placing stars on a ceiling, itís about creating Fantasy art as well, and the ability to make peoples dreams come true. We are based in the UK but get flown around the world to create images like these.

Some of these images were painted on a ceiling in California USA. These are all "daytime invisible" glow in the dark images painted using our paints. It has taken us years of hard work, techniques, developing paints that WORK with our systems and formats. I must disagree with you, but painting star ceilings is just as complicated as painting day murals and you can learn how to do both. Practice, patience good mentors and the ability to keep trying to better your self is all it takes. Everyone has it in them some just take longer than others. Forums are good places to start and you can learn a lot but there comes a time when you need that extra and you can not dismiss that. I am not saying what you suggest is wrong, nor am I saying that the "unmentionable" is wrong either but even I would be hard pushed to fork out $4k without the proper dudiligence, you need to find a company that YOU would be comfortable with and what exactly you want from this type of business, if you think its a fast buck, then you will not succeed. You would have to work hard to build your employers business, but you have to work 10 times harder to build your own. A lot of people fail in this business, because of the lack of support. I donít mean physical, tangible support, but emotional, mentoring someone to help you up when you feel down support. When you start your own business you are on your own, you cannot turn to the painter down the road and say how do I do this. Support is very important.
I agree that not all companies out there want to rip you off. We all have to make a living, knowledge is a valuable commodity and so is hindsight and it all comes from practice.
If a lawyer gave you the answers to get off a wrap and you did not pay them for their Knowledge and Time, why would they want to study and spend all that time struggling to get through Collage. This business is the same in some cases, I agree that there is information out there for FREE but not everything. From a marketing point of view, companies give things away for a reason so people come to their stores or websites, the real reason is so they can PURCHASE something associated with that FREE PRODUCT ( information = Paints or Stencils) . You mention you give this knowledge away yet you sell and manufacture Star Stencils, people need the knowledge so they can use your stencils. Itís the same with some of the forums out there. You make what YOU want from this business, some sell paint others sell kits some sell business's. and yet we ALL want to paint ceilings. Just being able to see the smile on someoneís face when they see YOUR original creation for the first time makes all the hard work worthwhile.

There is room for reputable Star Ceiling Businessís and I am sure you cannot disagree with this, even we get upset when we see companies ripping people off because what they offer isnít worth the paper itís written on. We are no saints at GloMania either, we have had disgruntled customers, we have tried to resolve their issues but sometimes you just canít. We have even had companies try and get our information through the back door. Artists have used different names etc from other star ceiling companies ď including the ones you mentionedĒ. We must be offering something worthwhile for them to go to such extremes.
I hope you understand this is not an attack on any individuals or companies but in defence of the reputable side of the Star Ceiling business Industry.

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