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Re: Humanity Photos

Originally Posted by dchristie
Agreed. When you see the type of brutish filth that comes out of the woodwork around here, all with the same identical agenda, you don't know whether to laugh or hurl.

It's remarkable how they all adhere to the same deranged, perverse dehumanized manifesto while cheering on the genocide.

Its a sad and sorry commentary that depraved and callous swine like this can be spawned in America.

Even Germ's congenital morally bankrupt behavior has escalated ever since his heroes in Israel began their bombing campaign against Gaza. It's truly difficult to believe he could be remotely American. He's nothing more than a Zio-Nazi cheerleader; long hair, skirt up and ready for action.

Him and his ilk can't die quick enough in my opinion. And I make no apologies for it either. The sooner they realize they were merely fortunate that two demented, inbred rednecks decided to pro-create, the better. All it accomplished was the spawning of mental degeneracy and weakening of the gene pool.

Humanity is better off without them. At times, they can serve as comic relief, but in times like these, when I observe them cheering on the extermination of innocent civilians, including women and children, it is no longer amusing. They aren't funny and there aren't enough plagues left in the book of Genesis to bestow upon them.

"It's all Hamas' fault. They broke the ceasefire, blah, blah, blah..."
"Kill the terrorists!! They killed 1 Israeli with rocket attacks in the past year!!!"

Their insatiable appetite for blood isn't satisfied with the fictional realm of Hollywood anymore; they lust for real bloodshed. They are true sycophants looking to prey upon the weak and defenseless.

It will be a great day when they 'get theirs'. I'll make sure I have the popcorn ready.
franKg - "Since God was ok with Moses, Joshua and David burning cities to the ground and killing all the civilians I think he would be ok with us splashing a little water on some terrorists."

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Originally Posted by carlbenator
As discussed in a previous thread, this IRRATIONAL HATRED for the Jews and their RIGHT to SURVIVE is one of the many PROOFS of a God, AND a Devil.

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