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Re: Humanity Photos

Originally Posted by Americanadian View Post
It's truly tragic isn't it? These degenerates waste precious oxygen and energy that could otherwise be used for more charitable or useful purposes.

When rejects like Luka arrive on the scene, it serves as a reminder that stupid people are much like a disease that never really goes away. One can suppress them with drugs (Ignore feature), but it only masks the underlying root; stupidity multiplies and appears to be contagious amongst many around these parts.

Every time the Zio-Nazis embark on a mass murder rampage, this type of brutish filth comes out of the woodwork around here, all with the same identical agenda.

You don't know whether to laugh or hurl.

They're like a pack of mad dogs.

It's remarkable how they all adhere to the same deranged, perverse dehumanized manifesto while cheering on the Zio-Nazi's genocide against the basically defenseless Palestinians.

Its a sick and sorry commentary that depraved and callous vermin like this are hatched in America.

And you can be sure every one of the filthy pestilent rodents considers themselves a "conservative".

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