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Re: Humanity Photos

Originally Posted by Luka View Post
Shame Ö. You are an fvcking idiot!!!!!! 23 000 murders occur in South Africa yearly (atrocities by the ANC government) and Iím not even going to try to give you the figures for the res of Africa. Why donít you post that everywhere and ask the media to stop that? Once again proof that all liberal fvcking scum and their newspapers are corrupt and bias.

I honestly hope Israel will take this all the way and they should make sure that no single rocket will be launched out of Gaza ever again, even if they have to wipe it of the face of the earth to achieve that then they should do so for once and for all.
Agreed 100% - If there was ever proof that Hamas needs to be put down, this is it. I blame everyone of thier deaths on Hamas. They should be tried for Murder for putting their own in the way....

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