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Re: tvtravel?

TVTravel is the biggest scam also called The Pro Closers!
Total misleading!!
The 100% guarantee beware, once they have your money there is no way you get any money back! Read the small print.
Turns out the only Travel packages being sold is when you buy into the company, then they have proof that they are selling Travel, it's a multi-level business where you make money off the people who buy into the business, and they can't even do that right. If you want to try the business don't buy their leads.
They are real slick and I've lost over $10,000 by the time they kept convincing me that I could only make the big money in the diamond package, and pay off all my debt. They are as nice as possible when they are selling you something but don't try and get answers when you aren't making the big money, the managers will never return your call. (yea you can always have a rude conversation with Doug the customer support person that tells you that all we have to do is sit back and watch them do the work while we make the money) I suggest anyone who has gotten ripped off from them please contact the Attorney Generals office in Phoenix, AZ and put your complaints in. The more complaints then we as consumers can shut down these companies.
I will be complaining to other organizations until I get enough people to get a class action suit against them or a refund.
Let's go get them!!

Ripped off Mom

p.s. single mom that is using most of my Soc. Sec. money to pay the debt from these jerks.

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