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Re: Starscapes or Starscape Review/Scam?

Originally Posted by leonronnoco View Post
hi kerry glad that i saved you a lot of money, im from ireland and i have instigated complaints with the better business beureu and the fbi, and i have full intentions to contact all the media in the usa i feel so strongly about being ripped off THE TOTAL VALUE ( after research ) OF THE GOODS I RECIEVED WAS ABOUT $200 MAX AND I WAS CAUGHT FOR $4500 NOW THAT HURTS i will think again about doing business with a company from THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Ooooh! That hurts!

Soo sorry to hear that you got so badly stung!

That's terrible!

Please do "think again" next time, and use the internet well before using your wallet!

Not only in the US, but anywhere!

As long as you learned something, there's a plus, always.

Every adversity, every failure, and every heartache carries with it the seed of an equivalent or a greater benefit. ~ Anon.
In your corner, I feel your pain. Next time will be different!

Welcome to! Your voice counts!

Kerry Hein
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