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Re: Starscapes or Starscape Review/Scam?

Can I just make a coment here, you mention a couple of companies in your complaint, one being 39.99 and the other $97. Have you looked into these companies, are they LINKED?!!!!!, just a thought as the latter on run by a guy call Lee C**** uses GloMania in his marketing. I bought this ebook and THAT WAS A TOTAL WASTE of MONEY more so than Starscapes.... If you could run any type of business from this apart from selling the idea, and let me tell you the idea is out of date...the advertising/marketing advert must have been done by a child and its 1 col Black/white. Also YOU DO NOT get your money back if your NOT HAPPY.... Hes another making a buck on this business.

If you want value for money try

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