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Re: Starscapes or Starscape Review/Scam?

Originally Posted by costath View Post
Starscapes Starscape review scam Joe Petrashek

They are really Good at Hype Hype and more Hype!

Let the buyer Beware.....

Well, here's what they say on their website,

"We'll send your FREE Introductory Package with your FREE Sample Amazing 3-D Stargazing Portals to you TODAY! The Portal is LARGE. 12 square feet! It's so unbelievably awesome, that it's used for professional demonstrations!"

Well, what you get is some cheap crappy glow in the dark paint you can get at wal-mart for $1.97, a toothpick to apply it, YES, you read that right, a toothpick and the cheapest wrinkled butcher type paper available.

I did exactly what they said to do, put the paint on with the toothpick, hung the posters side by side on the wall and there is absolutely NO 3D effect!

I've shown it to several neighbors and friends.

No Wow! Only a kind of uneasy embarrassment from everyone, like, "Are You serious? are you Kidding?".

One of my less shy neighbors actually said to me, I wouldn't let you put that crap on my ceiling!

It really looks like something your 4 year old would bring home from pre-school.

He uses fancy words to glorify and help justify his $3,995 price tag.

I mean afterall, he includes his cool 'galactification machine' aka a simple Star Projector. Project stars on ceiling and then paint the stars. Easier than paint by numbers. Sells for $70 at discoverychannel (see below for link).

For $3,995 he will also include a 'activation wand'. AKA - a blacklight that you can buy at most Wal-marts for $9.97

Pretty much they are selling you a $3,995 Biz Op that you can put together for about $250 yourself. You figure out where the other $3,745 is going.

For $97 here, you can get all the info needed to get you started.

For $39, here is the best e-book I've ever bought
PLUS, this guy will also give you permission to use is professional LOGO. He tells you where to buy the paint, how to use it and how to buy the $100 Discovery Channel Star Projector. He also includes sample flyers to be used to generate business.

And for $88 delivered you can get a real good star projector.

Now look, Starscapes really tells you there is nothing to it.
Here's what they say on their own web site,

No experience and absolutely no artistic talent is needed. It's so simple, a nine year old boy can do this.
If you can draw a "happy face" on the wall... you're OVERQUALIFIED! You'll be using NO cheesy stencils, templates or childish stickers! You'll be creating a signed & dated Artistic Masterpiece! A skill that others will think that you were born with!

As far as their Business Generating Ideas: I talked with one of their STAR artiist listed on the internet and she told me they have only done four (4) ceilings in 18 months. Nobody seems to be interested she said.

So if you wanna spend $3,995 Be my guest.

I consider myself lucky as I am only out $19.95 for the stupid paint and paper they sent me. Oh and there wasn't even enough paint to finish one of the posters.

Let the buyer beware!!!!!!!!

Here is another un-happy person reporting:

That's exactly what I thought it was going to be when I saw the site & the adds!


I'll keep that in my file. Thanks!

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