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Re: Starscapes or Starscape Review/Scam?

Just searched the internet for starscape.

Talk to Starscape artists, no one I talked with has even made their initial investment back.

I'd really suggest you do a lot of investigation before investing any of your hard earned money.

I've tried the BEST paint available from Glo Nation and and I cannot get my stars to shine at night like they say. We turn off all the lights, wait for our eyes to adjust and can barely make out where they are. It is absolutely NOT a wow factor or even close to Amazing!They just don't seem to charge and shine like all these hucksters say.

Read the data sheets on the paint.

According to the data supplied by the distributors of the paint, they lose 93% of their Brightness in the 1st 5 min!!

After One (1) hour they have lost 99.6% of their brightness! This is acording to THEIR data!

Discovery Star Projector: Another losing propossition.

Bought it, studied the directions and turned it on. You will NOT be able to see any constellations on the ceiling.

Besides that, the light stopped working after 15 minutes.

So after all of this, if you want to invest and put your reputation on the line, well

Best of luck..........

As I said before....


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