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The Truth About Larry Chiappone You Did Not Know


I wanted to share this IMPORTANT inside information about Larry Chiappone of Chiappone Mail Enterprises in West Babylon, NY.

After going back far enough, I found out that Larry Chiappone was convicted of Mail Fraud and did time in jail while he has on probation for Credit Card Fraud.

He has built his business on preying and scamming inocent, unspecting people of their hard earned money. In today's economy, every penny counts.

If you have used his Print & Mail service, and complianed to him of no response from his mailings, he convinces/encourages people to spend more money on another mailing with more pieces. When asked for proof of mailing, he mails out a Postal receipt from his own advertisements mailed with only a handful of others.

He is a "Natural Born Scam Artist". When you receive any flyers in the mail from Larry Chiappone, you now have the truth, and will know what to do.

Concerned Citizen

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