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Re: MacBook Pro!!! NT

there's a new offer on page 3! this may be what i've been waiting for. i've been very hesitant to do the online business systems offer, because i know how much of a hassle it will probably be. but there is something new!

it's called Ephedra P57. it seems pretty good, but i wonder a few things..
there is no t&c on the site. the only thing that mentions a return policy is a small graphic in the margin. 60 day money back guarantee.

also, there are a number of different options when buying the pills. the price ranges anywhere from $75 for 1 bottle to $250 for 6 bottles. i wonder if you will still get credit for doing the $75 option.

lastly, when exiting the site a window appears that offers a 40% discount on the order. if i follow this link, will it no longer be considered as completed through NT?

so much to consider...possibly be out $75 or possibly be harrassed by some eager salesman for online business systems for the rest of my life...
any comments?

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