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Re: MacBook Pro!!! NT

Originally Posted by chabuchie
You have to use the same information from site to site. NuiTech considers it fraud to do otherwise. I'm sure there are those on here who haven't gotten caught, so they'll tell you to change it up between offers, but if you get audited, then you're out of luck.
i know you have to use the same information between offers. my question is in reference to getting multiple gifts from nui tech. for example, a macbook pro and a 42" plasma. the nui tech terms and conditions say this:

"Currently, we allow only one (1) Gift per person. Only one Membership, Member Account, email address, phone number and postal street address for each individual is permitted for use of the Site."

yet i've seen member's signitures on this forum that lists the gifts they've received- multiple gifts from one company. is the "one gift per person" thing only for each specific gift? like i couldnt get 2 macbook pros?

on another subject- still no word on shipment of the new mbp's?

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