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Re: Escrow scam on Craigslist- Trans Export/Global Security One

Originally Posted by Jadzia
Hi - thanks for this info guys. We did get scammed by this company - for 400!!

I was trying to buy a Reconditoned Rainbow cleaner and my parents subbed me the money -. it was a contact I made through Ebay although the transaction took place outside Ebay. (my fault entirely).

The seller re-directed me to a website called and told us to pay a Western Union transfer through to Spain. Needless to say we never heard another word after my parents made the payment.

I found out the discrepancies on the webiste with a day or so of the payment being made. The phony global Security one address and the info on the chamber of commerce East Lancs website!

And now the police say the have exhausted all leads and the case is closed. what should we do now - is there anything we can do - are the people using this escrow company all linked into one big scam.

Here below is one of the emails I got from this guy - Sidney Rogers:
Hello again,

No no no. The price for one Rainbow is 600 Euro. The shipping taxes are includes in the price. We will close the deal through a very safe service and very well knowed in Europe. Please visit their website : and check it out.
This service offers total security and it is used worldwide for this kind of business because it offers 100% security both for the seller and the buyer. Trans-export mission is to build trust in transactions and to create a better online trading experience. Trans-export 's services aim to help buyers identify trustworthy sellers they can buy from safely, as well as help good sellers show buyers that they can be trusted.
In a few words i will explain you how this deal will be closed:

The shipping transportation will take less time, and the package will arrive to you in max. 3 working days. After you will register at shipping company you will be contacted by their stuff explaining you the terms and conditions and the way the deal will be concluded..
After you will receive all the details about this business, you will have to present a guarantee, more precisely: you will make the payment to one of their agents and then sit back and relax and wait for the package to arrive directly to your home address.
If upon your inspection you found something that wasn't right or if the package isn't what you have desired, you will send it imediatelly to the company (transport taxes will be covered by me) and receive your money back guaranteed. I will receive the payment ONLY AFTER you will confirm the company that you like the package and keep it.

If you agree the terms and conditions to close this deal through this company, please go to : and register yourself.

Have a nice day.

And then one from Trans Export - I have removed my address!

Dear Liz Morgam,

We want to inform you that you have a shipping registration on your name
from Mr. Sidney Rogers.

He registered on your name one brand new 2006 RAINBOW E2 SERIES Vacuum

Payment Requests
Our Company require the payment to be done through Western Union money
transfer service.

If you are not familiarized with the Western Union money transfer services
please visit: If you want to locate the nearest
Western Union Office in your area please visit this site. You have to pay
with cash at any Western Union Office.


Item Information

Item Title: 2006 RAINBOW E2 SERIES Vacuum

Item Description: 2006 RAINBOW E2 SERIES Vacuum


Payment Details

Buyer: Liz Morgam

Subject: 2006 RAINBOW E2 SERIES Vacuum

Amount: 600.00 EUR

Down Payment: 0.00 EUR

Shipping: 0.00 EUR

Total: 600.00 EUR


Delivery Information


Phone Number:


Seller Details

First Name: Sidney

Last Name: Rogers

Street: 43 Otterbourne Walk

City: London

Zip code: RG27 0SE

Country: United Kingdom


Important notice

The payment details are confidential and will not be released under any
circumstances. Our customer chose this payment method in order to speed up
the transaction.

Trans-Export security measures are constantly reviewed and modified given
evolving circumstances globally, drawing on both internal assessments and
the support of government agencies.

Our constant priority is for the safety of our people, our customers, and
the general public. Trans-Export always tries to fulfill its customers

For your safety , you`ll not send the payment directly to the seller.
You`ll have to send the payment to one of our company authorised
These are our representant details where you must send the money using
Western Union Money Transfer:

First Name: Robert
Last Name: Milton
Street: Conde de Aranda 48
City: Zaragoza
Zip code: 50003
Country: Spain

How to make payment?

1. Locate the nearest Western Union Office
2. Make the payment with cash using our representant details
3. E-mail us the following details from the payment receipt:
- MTCN - 10 digits number from the payment receipt
- Sender Name and Address
- Receiver Name
- Amount

- Scaned paper from Western Union

Once we receive the payment confirmation, we will start the shipping
process. We will hold the payment details until you send us your
confirmation that you are satisfied with the product you received. As soon
as we receive your confirmation we will release the payment details to the

Trans-Export Financial Department

What about this guy in Spain ???- any help would be greatfully received

can i just ask why you thought buying a product from a company would entail Western Unioning money to Spain???

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