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Re: Are MLMer's "Business" Owners?

Originally Posted by ChrisDoyle View Post
Thats ok, this link is enough for me, plus the knowledge that you cant give me the name (with a link of course) of one MLM company that doesn't allow a distributor to incorporate.
We get it - you don't understand how companies work, and you think you can just incorporate and then put all the money from you MLM into the company and pay yourself at a lowe tax rate.

Your like the underwear gnome of MLM. Step one incroprorate, step two deposit your personal checks in the compamy... step four take tax deductions...

As for your rediculous proof - you can't prove what a company won't do. Can you prove any MLM won't hire aliens from mars who will work for a penny an hour?

Maybe I have proven my case by the fact that your not capable of finding a single MLM that will allow a business to sign up.. I mean if you can search all over and can't even find a single major MLM that takes them... Isn't that enough to prove your completly wrong?

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