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Re: Are MLMer's "Business" Owners?

Originally Posted by ChrisN View Post
Let me try to explain to you how this works.

Lets say you are a software developer. You can work for companies as an independant contractor.... You personally have the relationship with the company. The company sends you a 1099 for your wages and reports the income tot eh IRS. You personally are responsible for paying taxes on the wages......

Now your getting larger, and you want to incorporate. You incorporate a consulting firm. There is one more step. You need to sign a new contract with your client - as a business. Once you do that you no longer recieve a 1099 Tax report at the end of the year and checks from the company are made out to your business, not you as a person.

See if you don't create the new contract - you are still just an indepdant contractor who owns a business, but the relationship is between the employer and you- until your get a contract between the employer and your business - you are personally liable for all taxes, contract issues etc.

I am guessing that you won't admit this - because then you would be shown as wrong - but everyone else reading it will understand and thats enough for me.
Thats ok, this link is enough for me, plus the knowledge that you cant give me the name (with a link of course) of one MLM company that doesn't allow a distributor to incorporate.
The musings of joecool44:
Originally Posted by Joecool44
Thise links basically had comments that looks like it waas written by Amway IBO's.
About 10 minutes later:
Originally Posted by Joecool44
Learn to read you fvcking moron. I never claimed those pages were from IBO's.
And he admits to changing people's posts!
By the way, I only change links when people make personal (unsubstantiated) attacks on me. I find it works quite effectively when I employ that tactic.

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