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Re: Are MLMer's "Business" Owners?

Originally Posted by ChrisN View Post
WOW ! MLMers can incorporate a company just like anyone else...

For a final time an MLMer can own a company just like anyone else. But your MLM requires you to personally be an independant contractor - which means YOU not your company owns the relationship with the MLM - and YOU personally are paid, and YOU PERSONALLY are liable for the taxes.

I have never said that once you sign an IBO form you can not also own a company - so please stop posting links of people that will show you how to incorporate a buisness. Anyone can incorporate a business... signing up to be in an MLM doesn't mean you can't own one...

I dont think you read the link fully did you, plus you dont understand incorporation. Never mind.
The musings of joecool44:
Originally Posted by Joecool44
Thise links basically had comments that looks like it waas written by Amway IBO's.
About 10 minutes later:
Originally Posted by Joecool44
Learn to read you fvcking moron. I never claimed those pages were from IBO's.
And he admits to changing people's posts!
By the way, I only change links when people make personal (unsubstantiated) attacks on me. I find it works quite effectively when I employ that tactic.

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