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Re: Are MLMer's "Business" Owners?

Originally Posted by ChrisN View Post
When we don't even know what MLM he is in? Nope.

So show me the form for ACN, or Amway, or one of those many juice mlms that lets you sign up as a corporation....
Nah, I'm bored with it now. I've supplied more than one link to show that a distributor can incorporate; I challenge you to show just one link to show that you can't.
The musings of joecool44:
Originally Posted by Joecool44
Thise links basically had comments that looks like it waas written by Amway IBO's.
About 10 minutes later:
Originally Posted by Joecool44
Learn to read you fvcking moron. I never claimed those pages were from IBO's.
And he admits to changing people's posts!
By the way, I only change links when people make personal (unsubstantiated) attacks on me. I find it works quite effectively when I employ that tactic.

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