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Re: Are MLMer's "Business" Owners?

Originally Posted by ChrisDoyle View Post
LOL, even your fellow anti MLMrs on here dont know what the hell you're on about. Until you plainly state what you want to know, I'm finished with you.
I guess that if you cannot answer a direct and specific question, that has been clearly delineated at least three times, about Wikaniko, your experience with them, and potential corporate structure. That you had previously pretended was a possibility, then both you and the MLM(s) you represent and have represented(such as Vitamark, Send Out Cards, etc.) are plainly scammers whose sole interest is to sucker new victims into your MLM scams.

The question has been plainly stated multiple times. You have plainly stated multiple times that you don't understand it. Either you don't understand the language, you don't understand the business you are trying to sell, or you are blatantly lying in a continued attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of the uneducated.

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