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Re: definite Scam

I don't say Wazzub is a scam or not, but there are a few things that rise questions.

1.The login page is not secured, with https://...; all the sites i'ved logged to have a secured login page, that is a https adress. I am not an expert, but the login page must be secured, no?

2.On the "Profit share" page,, there is no way for contacting the support team. They say "read this first and then click the support button" but there is no "Support button" or "Contact us" link or something similar.

3.There is no direct link between and

4.You say that we must choose the as homepage and that there will be a lot of stuff displayed on this page; so, who do you think will choose a home page that will start every time you start the browser (even on smartphones, with limitted bandwith), with a huge quantity of data to be loaded and diplayed? I preffer Google because it's so simple, though I'm not a fan of this "hungry for personal info" site.

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