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Re: Chemtrails are NOT CONTRAILS!

Originally Posted by Kelderek View Post
You already said that, but my question is still valid:

If "they" (whoever they are) are doing this, they are effectively making themselves just as sick and docile... Or are "they" breathing some other air?

BTW... where is your evidence that this is happening? You posted a short video with people who obviously don't understand how contrails work. Are you seriously listening to such crap?
I don't know that they nkow they are doing it. I don't know if they are paid a lot of money for it.
I cannot know what their personal motivations are. That they are doing it has been proven.

Since when does it rain alluminium.?

If you did not watch the videos and those you did you watched with the intent to find fault with them, then you did not see any. Not much I can do about that.
But more and more in time the evidence presents itself and I am sure in this Orwellian times there will come a time when they do it openly and blatantly to your face because they know you are powerless to stop them.

Oh but gullible people intoxicated mind numbed like you will still think they are just misting your fairy land up for you.

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