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Re: Personal Assistant Scam?

got 3 different scam in one day

1. Personal Assistant (

This said advertised job is a Part-time Package Handler, I'm seeking for an effective and efficient Person that will see to my personal and business errands at his/her spare time that might not collide with your full-time main job.Such successful applicant will be saddle with responsibilities of receiving my mails and drop them off at UPS,Shop for Gifts, Bill payment ( pay my bills on my behalf) Sit for delivery( at your home) or pick items up at nearby post office at your convenience.

Let me know if you will be able to offer me any/all of these services. Where are you located? I would love to meet up with you to talk about this job but I am currently away on business trip to Australia so there will be no interview. And while I am away,you will be carrying out this aforementioned duties out on my behalf .

I will prepay you in advance to do my shopping. I will also have my mails and packages forwarded to your address. If you will be unable to stay at your house to get my mails, I can have it shipped to a post office near you and then you can pick it up at your convenience.

When you get my mails/packages; you are required to mail them to where I want them mailed to. You don't have to make use of your personal money, all you have to do is have packages shipped to your house and do my shopping. You are allowed to open the packages to reveal its content for a secured task with less risk for yourself.

The content of the packages are Art Material and Painting, clothing's business and personal letters. All expenses and taxes will be covered by me. You will work between 15 and 20hrs a month,so the work is high flexible but your utmost devotion to this job is expected and all Instructions followed to the letter.

I will pay $800.00 per month, that is 200$ per week. I need your service because I am constantly out of town. I own an Art Gallery here in Australia. I will return to USA in December, so this process will be on going till then and possibility of acquiring a Gallery in USA is being planned and permanency of this job is possible,after seeing how committed you will be to this task with a lucrative salary.

If you don't mind, I will meet up with you when I return and then we can talk about the possibility of making this long term.
Well, let me know if you are able to handle the position. I will email you the list and pictures of what to shop for when I am ready. No heavy packages is involved! You can do the shopping at any nearest stores.You will be shopping for Electronics, clothing's and Antiques.

I will provide you my personal UPS account number for Shipping. All you have to do is present my account number to UPS and shipping charges will be applied into the account.I will provide clear set of instructions for each task to be carry out as well the funds to cover them.
If I were to mail you money to do my shopping plus upfront payment for your service, where would you want it mailed to? How should your name appear on the money?

Kindly provide me with the following details below to enable me do a necessary background check on you:

Full Name:
Full Address:
Zip Code:
Phone Number:
Thank you!

John Hillman

2. Office Support‏ (

Thank you for your response to our *****slist posting, and as well as inform you, that after reading through your application, we are interested in discussing this position in more detail. As of this moment, we have narrowed it down to 3 potential candidates, yourself being one of them.

I would like to congratulate you in making it to the next step of our hiring process. As part of our company's policy, and to insure our company against liabilities and potential issues, the next step of the hiring process includes getting your credit report checked. Please be aware, that a poor credit history in no way disqualifies you from the position, but will allow us to gain a better feel for you.

In lieu of this, we have arranged a FREE service to make the process easier. Click here to receive your report. Once you have completed this process, please email me confirmation ASAP, so we can move forward. Please, DO NOT include any sensitive information in any emails. Please perform this step quickly, as we would like to fill the position very soon. Upon receipt of your report #, myself or Mr. Dawson, our HR manager, will get back to you to set up a meeting.

Again, Thank you for your interest, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you,

Howard Nichols

Office Manager

Garamond Publishers, INC.

This do have a fake web site

3. Data Entry (

Your resume has been received in response to our listing/*****slist However this is a whole new innovation for Working Independently from Home. We have vacancy for 20 Staffs and your prompt and accurate response to the interview questions below would definitely give you an edge. Taylor Software provides individual and high-quality accessories to the motor trade, from wiper blades to high-octane fuel boost, portable de-misters to brake pedals. We source excellent products from Europe's best suppliers, providing a host of options to improve the performance and look of every car.

-- Basically we have highly esteemed clients whom we have lost records for their purchases. Now we would be having you work with us under Administrative Assistant section in order to go through records and files to compute these back log of data and even up to date and current data files for our clients & customers purchase transactions to be stored properly in the new data base.

-- We have a large network of clients with huge loads of unprocessed paper work and customer/client purchase records that have not been properly computed. We are offering this position due to the cut down on our work force few months ago. This position is strictly Data Entry/Admin Assistant and the position offers full equipments and facilities for the job from home pending the establishment of our new outlet in CA And the Regional Offices in MI --

The pay for this position is $25:50 Per Hour. You would be attached to a supervisor whom you would report to on daily basis for your log duty. 8 hours Maximum daily and Tax forms are not required because you would be calculating your tax yourself for your own evaluation. IMPORTANT : Respond to the following Interview questions below via email. This would be used to evaluate your knowledge of the position in question.

****************************** ****************************** ****************************** ***************


* Have you ever worked Online at any Capacity?

* Ever worked from home?

* What do you Understand by Business Ethics & Customer Relations?

* Tell Us why you feel you are the right person for this Job?

* Are you taking this as a primary Job?

* Do you have Professional Reference? ( Give us 2 Contacts )

* How Many Hours are you wiling to Devote to the Home Business Unit?

* Do you have any experience in working as an Office Administrator OR Data Entry clerk ?

* Do you know how to operate a Printer/Fax machine/Scanner/Photocopier perfectly?

* What do you Understand by Privacy & Code of Conduct?

* Explain Petty Cash Transactions? * Describe yourself?

* What is your Clerical Speed?

* Do you have knowledge on how to use Spread Sheet, Excel and General Microsoft Office tools?

* What is your pay from you current or past Job? * Are you willing to give your best shot at working with our online staffs?

****************************** ****************************** ****************************** ****************************** *********

This is the end of the interview process. Our email conversation would be recorded and reviewed by the Management Desk.

You would be updated via Phone & Email OR rather be online for the next 24 - 48 Hours to know if you did get the position.

Kindly check your email for updates.

Kind Regards
Pablo Petersen.

Good luck everyone

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