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Re: transforming debt into wealth

Originally Posted by tramlaw View Post
DO NOT order their FREE cd that you hear about on the radio. They'll send you a whole box of the Transforming Debt into Wealth system. Then you only have 30 days to return or else they will charge you $500. I did not even open the product because I have not had time. I made an attempt to return the product after the "trial" period and they refuse to take it back. Their customer service associates are rude and not at all helpful. Now I'm stuck paying for a product that I do not want. I feel they should accept my return simply because I have not even opened the product. I say they are a scam and are not to be trusted.

I have also been scammed by this and tried to talk to a rep on the phone and she was completely rude and then hung up on me. I only ordered a free DVD and they sent a big box. Yes my fault for not shipping back right away but come on, I didn't even ask for all the package but that is how they get you. these companies should be banned for doing this to people.

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